Virtuemart Templates Compatibility Issues with VM2.6

Asymmetric - Joomla Virtuemart Template - Compatible with VM2.6Hi everybody, it’s been a couple of days since Virtuemart released a brand-new, stable version VM2.6 that works under Joomla 2.5.xx.

Some people say; “I should keep my website and it’s components always up-to-date, updates are good!” while some others say: “as long as  the new version doesn’t include critical security bugs fixing, I don’t care about the update, i have a live and running website already, and i am happy about the layout. No need to mess up things”.

Personally, I am agree with the 1st one more, updates are good and it is always good to keep everything up-to-date. But the second thought is not completely nonsense, you know what they say: “If it is not broken, don’t fix it” 🙂 it’s simple as that.

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Virtuemart 2.6 has just released and works with Joomla 2.5.x

VM2.6Virtuemart 2.6 has just released and according to, it works under Joomla 2.5.xx

It might be little disappointment for those who are willing to run the Virtuemart with Joomla 3.x, but there is a good news for you. Virtuemart 3.x is on the way and it will support both Joomla 3.x and Joomla2.x

The version numbers might confuse you somehow, you may ask, why the version number go up from 2.0.26d to 2.6. But look at from the bright side, the new release numbers are also similar to Joomla release numbers.

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Can’t decide which license you should purchase?


Recently somebody asked a very good question about our license policy. He asked:

I would like to buy template just for one domain but of course with updates. So my questions are: 1. How often do you releases updates for templates? 2. can I buy licence for 1 domain with updates for example for 6 months ?

That’s a very good question(s).

First of all, i would like to explain what we offer and then answer those questions. We have 2 licenses for simplicity:

  • Single domain with No Updates (individual license)
  • Multiple domains with 6 months free updates (developer license)

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Flexible Zoom Effect Tutorial: Change Product Image on Selecting Different Colors through Custom Field

Change Product Image on selecting different colors ...

Flexible Zoom Effect has the most desired feature of “Change product picture on changing the custom field”.

If you have a clothing store, this will increase your website’s user-experience a lot, because when shoppers choose “BLACK” or “WHITE” color from the custom field section, the product picture will be automatically changed to the WHITE or BLACK product picture.

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Speed up your Virtuemart to avoid failure of add product to cart


I have seen that many people has been suffering from the same problem, and this question has been asked many time:

When someone tried to add a product to basket, the basket seemed to be empty. This happened sometimes and but not always. What is going on?

When it comes to “sometimes but not always”. It is really hard to find a solution,  you might not be aware if the problem is fixed or not, because it happens “sometimes”.

As you might know, the product is added to cart through by AJAX loading in Virtuemart. vmprice.js (which is a JS file that comes with Virtuemart Component) is responsible to run this AJAX loading. If you click the “add to cart” button right away (without waiting the page is fully loaded) it is likely you will experience this problem. This is why increasing the page loading performance is extremely important in Virtuemart. So this kind of behavior would be minimized.

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The idea of pagination on category browse page (applies for Virtuemart 2.0.22+)


After Virtuemart 2.0.22 update, the pagination structure has slightly changed on category browse page. You might end with this issue:

No matter what I do, category browse page always shows 9 products per page, but I want to change it to 20.  (or something else)

There are two places to check it out.

1- Virtuemart Backend > Categories


[ click thumbnail to enlarge ]

And click the 1st category as the begining. (But you are going to do it for all categories one-by one)

Then make sure that 3 fields have 0 (zero) in these fields:


[ click the thumbnail to enlarge ]

You need to do this check and make the change if necessary (making those fields ZERO), because we don’t want any category overrides what we are going to do in the “VM Configuration” section.

2- Now open Virtuemart Backend > Configuration > Template

And make this change:


[ click the thumbnail to enlarge ]

If you follow these steps, you will have

  • “20” products per row – by default, unless the visitor click any other value through pagination dropdown box.
  •  “dropdown” selection box to change the “product per view” (by the visitor) will have these options: 20,30,50, 100 (make sure it starts with 20)

You can play around with the numbers. But the idea will be valid for all cases.


Flexible Web Design


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Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart

Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart is a Virtuemart and Joomla Template bundle. DarkMart includes lots of unique extensions/features: Virtuemart Ajax Shopping Cart, QuickLook, Virtuemart Quick look, Virtuemart Zoom effect, Virtuemart One Page Checkout.



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The easiest way to solve jQuery Conflict Issues.


Most of the problems about our VM Template – PureMart are related to jQuery Conflict issues.
(most likely loading multiple jQuery at a time in the website with out having no.conflict protection).

This topic will tell you how to resolve them with simple clicks.

Here is a simple example to show a typical jQuery Conflict issue due to loading multiple jQuery libraries at a time without no.conflict or without changing jQuery.Variable.

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Virtuemart – Image type Custom Field – Tutorial with Screenshots

Hi everybody, here comes an another tutorial about how to create “Custom Fields” in Virtuemart.

This tutorial will show you how to have “image type” custom field. Image type custom fields will include the “image” or “icon” instead of plain text. It is very useful if you have a clothing store and that specific product has some color attributes. So instead of giving the color options with a plain texts such as: RED – BLUE – BLACK, you will let buyers to see RED-BLUE-BLACK icons.

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Virtuemart Tutorial – Product Custom fields with stock control (with screenshots)

Lets say; you are selling clothes, and every cloth has different size option. 0-2-4-6-8 etc.. And you want to keep stock info for each of the individual sizes separately. If you understand the idea; you can implement this functionality for any other variations of same products such as; COLOR, SIZE, WEIGHT, MATERIAL or any other option of same product and you can submit a different stock number for each individual option.

The basic idea is creating Child Product for each different variation of same product. In this tutorial, i am going over the procedure steps-by steps with providing screenshots. Here is the easiest way to create Custom Fields with Stock Control, i hope it will be useful to all.

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