Can’t decide which license you should purchase?


Recently somebody asked a very good question about our license policy. He asked:

I would like to buy template just for one domain but of course with updates. So my questions are: 1. How often do you releases updates for templates? 2. can I buy licence for 1 domain with updates for example for 6 months ?

That’s a very good question(s).

First of all, i would like to explain what we offer and then answer those questions. We have 2 licenses for simplicity:

  • Single domain with No Updates (individual license)
  • Multiple domains with 6 months free updates (developer license)

If you purchase “Multiple domains with 6 months free updates” license, it means; you are a web developer and you are developing Virtuemart website continuously. You will use our templates for your multiple projects (multiple domains), therefore you will need the most recent version from us before starting a new project for your different clients or you will need an update from us for providing ongoing maintenance service to your existing clients.

If you purchase “Single domains with NO Updates” license, it means; you are an indivudual. You are not planing to develop an another Virtuemart website or don’t think you might use our template in your another project. In this case, “update” might not be very mandatory for you. You might develop one Virtuemart website by using our template, it will be up and running, then your mission will be accomplished.  (if this is not the case for you, then you will need the “License Upgrade” which i will explain later on.)

Updates mainly include:

1- Bugs fixing: We continuously collect the bugs that are reported from the users. Our “forum” is the number 1 source for this purpose. People are reporting bugs and asking for the solutions. We are providing solution through our forum to the customers right away (you can check it is full of “solved cases”). But in the meantime, we are adding those patches  to templates.

2- Improvement: Each of the released updates includes UI and performance improvements, for sure. UI improvements usually focus on increasing the user experience while performance improvements focus on page loading speed.

3- Compatibility: When a new version of Virtuemart comes out. The templates usually are tend to generate problems (either simple layout bugs or serious errors). If you are familiar with Virtuemart, you would understand what i am talking about. If you compare the VM2.0.26d and VM2.0.24, you will see there are lots of differences in the backend and the front-end of Virtuemart Component. (Even from 2.0.24 to 2.0.26d. No need to mention differences between VM2.0.12 and VM2.0.26d). Therefore, the extensions/templates for the Virtuemart should also be updated to be compatible with the new version.

We keep fixing bugs and improving our templates. It is an ongoing processes. But just because we fix/improve some minor things, doesn’t mean we should release a new update.

Usually we release new versions (for all of our templates) once the new version of Virtuemart comes out -OR- when a critical bug is reported. Because at that time, releasing an update becomes mandatory. (This usually happens every month or every two months maximum.)

Recently, we have decided to offer “upgrade license” option, for those who regret buying the “Single Domain” license because they need the update now.

If you want to use the template in single domain and can’t decide either you will need the update or not. Instead of purchasing the template with “Multiple Domains” right away, you can purchase the “Single Domain” license for now. In the future, if you think you need the update (any time in the future), you can upgrade your order through: and start receiving free updates. (for 6 months starting from the day you purchase the upgrade option).

Either you purchase the “Multiple Domain” license initially, -OR- purchase the “Single Domain” license for now and “License Upgrade” anytime in the future. Eventually, the total money you pay us would be exactly the same.

I hope you find this blog post useful and I am able to help you to decide which license you should purchase. reserves the right to change, update or modify the license policy from time to time without prior notice.

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