The easiest way to solve jQuery Conflict Issues.


Most of the problems about our VM Template – PureMart are related to jQuery Conflict issues.
(most likely loading multiple jQuery at a time in the website with out having no.conflict protection).

This topic will tell you how to resolve them with simple clicks.

Here is a simple example to show a typical jQuery Conflict issue due to loading multiple jQuery libraries at a time without no.conflict or without changing jQuery.Variable.

Solve jQuery Conflict Issues (picture 1)

Solve jQuery Conflict Issues (picture 1)

(click to enlarge the picture)

(in this example above, the Mozilla Firefox “Firebug” plugin is used to determine the Conflict issues. It is a freeware plugin can be downloaded through It is a EXTREMELY useful plugin and EVERY SINGLE web developer has to have it!!. Look here for more information about Firebug: )

OK!. Now we are sure there is conflict issue in the website which is the source of the problem. And this Conflict issue must be resolved.

There are couple ways to solve it (finding the source of those multiple jQuery libraries and delete those lines to avoid multiple loading, or changing the variables. (which are the hardest and complicated ways). In this topic i will provide you the EASIEST way!

There is a Joomla Plugun, called “Jquery Easy” for this purpose. It is completely free to use. (thanks to developer of this plugin, it is very useful most of the time.)

Browse here:

Download the plugin and install it to your website.

Open the installed plugin and choose these options from the plugin parameters

Solve jQuery Conflict Issues (picture 2)

Solve jQuery Conflict Issues (picture 2)

(click to enlarge the picture)

(you can leave the rest untouched, or change them if you know what you are doing!):

The result in the website:

Solve jQuery Conflict Issues (picture 3)

Solve jQuery Conflict Issues (picture 3)

That’s it!.



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