Differences between Joomla+Virtuemart Templates and Virtuemart Templates

Flexible Web Design offers both Joomla+Virtumart Template and Virtuemart Template (aka. virtuemart theme). You should be aware what you are purchasing. There is big difference between them. Depends on your needs you should purchase the “correct” template.

1- Joomla+Virtuemart Template:

Example: https://www.flexiblewebdesign.com/Joomla-Virtuemart-Templates/SportMart
DEMO: http://demo.flexiblewebdesign.com/sportmart

It is a complete bundle package. It includes the Joomla Template + Virtuemart Template.
You don’t need any further template. Once you apply this template to your domain, you will get EXACTLY the same look as you see in the DEMO as if you are installing an ordinary Joomla Template. The only difference from the ordinary joomla template is that; your Virtuemart pages will also be styled (as you see in the DEMO)

2- Virtuemart Template (aka. virtuemart theme):

Example: https://www.flexiblewebdesign.com/Virtuemart-Templates/CleanMart
DEMO: http://demo.flexiblewebdesign.com/cleanmart/

Let’s say you are building your own custom Joomla Template OR purchased a Joomla Template from somewhere else (i.e: www.yootheme.com)
%99 of the Joomla Templates only stylize the Joomla pages, modules, menu navigation etc.. They don’t change the layouts of Virtuemart Pages (VM category page, VM product details page, VM shopping cart page etc..) simply because Joomla template developers don’t take into consideration the Virtuemart users. (The reason for that is; millions of people are using Joomla while only about 10k people are using Joomla with Virtuemart. “Law of supply and demand.”)

For instance; if you are using a joomla template that doesn’t support Virtuemart stylization (i.e: http://yootheme.com/demo/themes/joomla/2012/sync/index.php)
then your Virtuemart category page will look like this:

Virtuemart without Virtuemart 2 Template

Virtuemart without Virtuemart 2 Template [click to zoom]

But once you applye  Virtuemart Template – CleanMart, you will get this look:

Virtuemart wit Virtuemart 2 Template

Virtuemart with Virtuemart 2 Template [click to zoom]

Same idea applies to VM Front Page, VM product details page and VM Shopping Cart page layouts. Check the thumbnails and compare layouts side-by side. (Without Vs With our Virtuemart Template)


Vrituemart 2 Template Frontpage

Frontpage Comparison [click to zoom]

Virtuemart 2 Template Product Details Layout

Product Detail Comparison [click to zoom]

Virtuemart 2 Template Shopping Cart Page Layout

Shopping Cart Page Comparison [click to zoom]


As you may get the idea from the screenshots above. Virtuemart Template gets integrated to your existing joomla template and changes the only the styles of Virtuemart related pages. The remaining of your website (joomla article pages, modules, menu navigation, footer, header etc..) will be controlled by your current joomla template.

Virtuemart Templates we offer:

Joomla Virtuemart Templates we offer:


That’s all folks.

Flexible Web Design



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