Virtuemart Template - FashionMart (Supports VM 2.6)

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FashionMart is a template for Virtuemart 2.6 ! This Virtuemart template comes with lots of unique features: QUICK BUY, Zoom Effect, Virtuemart One Page Checkout Module (AJAX), Multiple Category Browse and Product Detail Pages and more.

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LICENSE NOTICE: If you are a developer and planing to use this template in multiple websites (domains) you designed, you should purchase this template with +Unlimited Domains license to avoid domain restriction. We keep updating/upgrading the template once a new version of VM comes out, developers will also be able to get future updates/upgrades for free. This option can't be added later. Read template licensing for more information.

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Compatible with any combination of:
  • compat_15_native compat_16_native compat_17 compat_25
  • virtuemart_2.0
Tested on: Joomla2.5.27 + VM2.6.12

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The New Virtuemart Template
Virtuemart is now More effective, More Powerful & More Aesthetics.


QuickBuy ZoomEffect1 gridlayout BrowseDesign
We Brought "Quick Buy"
Feature to Virtuemart.
Free, Built-in
Zoom Effect Extension
GRID / LIST Switching
In Category Browse Page
Aesthetics Designs
using CSS3 & HTML5


tick Virtuemart One Page Checkout - Comes free!
Our Virtuemart Template comes built-in with Virtuemart Single Page Checkout module (powered by AJAX loading) without any additional costs. Buyers never leave the checkout page during checkout. See the DEMO for better understanding.


tick 2 Product Details /  2 Category Browse Pages
In Virtuemart Template there are 2 different Product Default Page layouts. Choose the one that you like the most.


tick Nice Scrolling Effect in VM Frontpage
Scrolling Effect for Virtuemart Homepage is included to VM Template. It displays Featured Products, Top Ten Products and Latest Products inside a scroller with a nice scrolling effect.


tick Custom Designed Checkout Pages
No one will ever think that you are using Virtuemart, because we have changed the checkout pages completely as well. It now looks a lot more fancier and more user-friendly.


tick NEW, ON SALE or FEATURED icons
Is any product added recently? Is it On SALE? or is it marked as FEATURED product? From now on; those special products will be catchy in the category browse page. Our template puts a specific labels on the left side of thumbnails in the category browse page to  make them more noticeable.

1tick Quick BUY feature
We have brought this awesome feature to Virtuemart. For the first time! around the world, Quick Buy is possible only with our template.

1tick Zoom Effect for Product Pictures
Our Template comes with built-in zoom effect for your product picture. We are normally sell this extension seperatelly in our website but it comes free with the template (built-in).

1tick "Larger Views" For Product Pictures
In addition to Zoom Effect, "Larger View" functionality has been brought to Virtuemart, Again! for the first time by us. (This feature has been inspired from

1tick Uniquely Created Buttons
Your Virtuemart will have uniquely created CSS based buttons. So if you Virtuemart is in different language, you don't need to translate text of buttons. Everything will be ready.

1tick User Reviews and Stars Rating
We have improved the start displaying and user reviews sections of Virtuemart. Stars rating will be displayed in Category Browse Page as well.

1tick Share Buttons and Facebook Like
Share buttons and Facebook Like button has been mounted to product detail page and ready to use.

1tick TAB Panel Display
TAB panel will collect the information in product details page. No more too long pages. Everything is well organized.

1tick Custom Fields
Virtuemart 2 is using Custom Fields for product attributes, we have improved the CSS stylization of Custom Fields.

1tick Completely International
Our virtuemart template is completely international. If you download a language pack for your Virtuemart, then our template will automatically translated to your native language.

1tick PSD files for Translation of Text-Images
You will find the PSD source files within the template. Simply open them with using Adobe Photoshop, translate the text and save/overwrite with the same file name but in .PNG file type.

1tick Instruction Manual
An instruction Manual comes with the Template installation ZIP file. (TUTORIAL.PDF) Please read it before doing anything. It shows you to step-by-step (by screenshots) to apply the template to you website.

1tick Keep Using Your Joomla Template
Our VM Template will have effect only in your Virtuemart related pages. In a word; it works as if it is a Virtuemart Theme. This means, you will be allowed to use any joomla template you want.


Story Behind The Virtuemart Template - FashionMart:

Flexible Web Design team, so far, has designed an awesome themes for VM1.1.9 and VM2.0.x, we have received spectacular feedbacks about them. Right after several weeks of VM2.0 template that we have released, the awesome feedbacks and our sale traffic has encrouaged us to build a better, cooler and fancier VM2 template. Flexible Web Design has finally finished the new design for VM2.0 template. We called it "FashionMart, the New Virtuemart Template". We brought some unique features with this template. For instance; "QUICK BUY" feature, if you browse some big companies' estores, you would know what this "QUICK BUY" feature means. While you are in category page, if you mouse hover a product thumbnail, a QUICK BUY icon appears above the thumbnail and you can browse the product detail page in a lightbox effect by clicking this link quickly. This is such an awesome feature, and has been broadly used by respectful ecommerce websites, it is not something you see very often though. And i believe, no one has ever seen anything like this before in any Virtuemart website before. We are proudly announce this new feature for Virtuemart. It comes built-in with FashionMart, the new Virtuemart Template. Please see our DEMO and you are going to love it!

As you all know, Unlike VM1.1.9, Virtuemart 2 has stopped using Theme system, it uses View folder and Default.php for each pages, basically Virtuemart is very look alike to Joomla from now on when it comes to applying templates. This makes things little bit complicated and doesn't give us enough freedom and flexibility which we like a lot as you can point this out from our web design company name :). Theme for Virtuemart was awesome, because users were able to use separate template for Joomla, and separate theme for Virtuemart, they were separated completely, so users weren't stuck with limited numbers of Virtuemart+Joomla complete packages. But now, they have to install Virtuemart Template to their joomla which will change the layout of both their joomla and Virtuemart. It sounds good at first, since it looks like it is all-in one but think about it;

  • How many people are using Joomla? Millions.
  • How many people are using Virtuemart as Ecommerce software? Million
  • How many templates (free or commercial) are available for Joomla? Billions
  • How many template (free of commercial) are available for Joomla+Virtuemart? a few :(

People have to choose one of the "a few" virtuemart+joomla template in order to modify their Virtuemart 2.0, it sounds sucks so far, isn't it? But wait a second, here is coming the second good news, WITH OUR VIRTUEMART 2 THEMPLATE, YOU WILL KEEP USING YOUR OWN JOOMLA TEMPLATE. OUR TEMPLATE WILL CHANGE ONLY THE LAYOUT OF YOUR VIRTUEMART SECTION (all in all i works just like a virtuemart theme).

NEW UPDATE - June 26th 2012

One page checkout Feature is one of most desirable functionality in ecommerce websites.  Virtuemart 2.0.x has been released with this 1-checkout page by default but the appearing and the way it functions little bit messy. This confuses even the webmasters, don't even need to mention how complicated it is for ordinary buyers. But!!! Here comes the good news from Flexible Web Design. We recently have improved our VM2 template - FashionMart with an awesome modifications in shopping cart. And the Virtuemart One Page Checkout of default Virtuemart becomes even much easier to understand for regular buyers, it becomes user-friendly, it is more efficient! and of course it looks awesome with its design. We should have sold this extension separately though, but we have decided to include it to our existing Virtuemart Template - FashionMart without even asking single more penny.

- It is a true 1-page checkout for Virtuemart 2.0.x
- It uses AJAX to load shipping methods and payment methods
- Buyers never leave the single shopping cart page during checkout processes.
- User Registration and Guest Registration options are held in a facebox modal popup, therefore buyers still stay in the checkout page while filling the registration forms
- And more importantly, IT COMES COMPLETELY FREE AND BUILT-IN to our Virtuemart Template - FashionMart which has a very affordable price comparing what it promises.
Our template is the most awesome and most aesthetics Virtuemart Template around (this is what our clients say!). We put more effort and made it even more cooler with One Page Checkout feature.

NEW UPDATE - August 29th 2012

  • Our Template is updated and made fully compatible with Virtuemart 2.0.10

You can take a look at and see how awesome it is. To check it out, please click the link here: Virtuemart Template DEMO

The most recent version of FashionMart is v3.0

Release History:

___________________________v3.0 (May 2014 - the BIG update)___________________________

	- FashionMart is now fully compatible with VM2.6.
	- Flexible Zoom Effect v4 has been integrated to FashionMart. Normally sold standalone for 30 USD.
	- ScrollZoom is now possible
	- Facebox Modal Popup has been replaced by Fancybox v2. It gives much better performance.
        - Lots of UI improvements (mostly CSS)
	- Rating stars icon vertical-align problem is patched
	- Select boxes on Category Page has been transformed to fancySelect
	- Select boxes on Product Details Page has been transformed to fancySelect
	- Global CSS file got compressed (YUI) for better performance.
	- Category Browse Page - if the E or A type custom field is used, the add to cart button will be replaced with Choose Product Variant First button.
	- Product Pages are re-organized, the UI improvements have been made.
	- The Generic Child Variant AJAX loading bug has been patched
	- On the add to cart modal notification popup, UI improvements have been made.
	- All the reported bugs have been patched on shopping cart page 

___________________________v2.9 (January 2014)___________________________
	- FashionMart is now fully compatible with VM2.0.26
	- PayPal Express Checkout button feature has been integrated to shopping cart page.
	- Modal Popup upon Add To Cart box is redesigned.
	- Ask a question modal popup is redesigned.
	- Reported minor bugs have been patched.
	- The checkbox issue in case the bill-to and ship-to addresses are different is patched.
	- UI improvements have been made.
	- FashionMart is now fully compatible with VM2.0.22a
	- The new features that come with VM2.0.22 have been properly imported to FashionMart.
	- The problem that occurs in the product details page due to ProductUpdater.js has been fixed.
	- Reported minor bugs have been patched.
	- AJAX-loading for "Custom Field: Generic Child Variant" has been added.
	- Some CSS improvements have been applied to avoid CSS over ridings in some Joomla Templates.
	Bugs Fixing:
	- FashionMArt is now well compatible with VM2.0.18a
	- The call for price button issue has been resolved.
	- CSS layout patches
	- Performance improvement in Zoom Effect. Zoom effect doesn't require any additional jQuery library but it works okay with the jQuery1.6.4 (which is officially loaded by Virtuemart). - If you are using easy jQuery plugin, choose jQuery1.6 version.
	Bugs Fixing:
	- Paginations problem that happens in some websites has been fixed. In some websites, due to the SEF URL generating, page numbers don't link to correct pages.
	- The "Generic Child Variant - Custom Field" problem that occurs in the Category Browse page while using ListView has been fixed.
	- LIKE button in the product details page now shows product's picture, description, name and URL correctly. It works perfectly now.
	Bugs Fixing:
	- Once the "show category" option is unchecked, the categories are now gone in VM Frontpage.
	/com+virtuemart/virtuemart/default.php is changed
	- VM Template is now fully compatible with VirtueMart 2.0.12b (stable) - Tests are completed and confirmed.
	- VM Template is now fully compatible with VirtueMart 2.0.12 (stable) - Tests are completed and confirmed.
_______________________v1.1 - v1.9______________________
	- Various Reported bugs have been fixed.
	- Virtuemart 2 Template released


for Virtuemart 3

Google's Material Design has finally arrived to Virtuemart

Virtumart Template - MaterialMart Virtumart Template - CleanMart Virtumart Template - CleanMart Virtumart Template - CleanMart

Fully responsive!

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