How effective is your small business website? Or do you need a website to grow your business?

It is time to give your small business a fresh professional look.

  • We begin by getting know your business and pottential audiences/customers.
  • We understand your needs and your expectation from a website.
  • We build a custom website that will achieve your goals and let you grow your business.
  • NO TEMPLATE: None of our website designs is template. We listen you! and design your website the way you would like to have it.




We are here to help you with affordable prices.

Whether you are opening a new business, or promoting your company worldwide, we are here to help you with affordable prices. If you need a web site to introduce your products or service and you don’t want to hire an expensive IT expert, we do have great Web Design Packages which well fit your needs. To check out our packages and prices, please visit packages and pricing page.


Most up-to-date web development and design technics.

No one wants broken links, old fashion HTML codes, design bugs, unreachable pages, improper graphics or icons, or any other bad things in their website. Therefore, a website has to be well designed and organized by a professional webmasters with keeping in contact with the most up-to-date web development and web design technics. We as Flexible Web Design promise to our clients that their websites will have most up-to-date web development and web design technicsavailable as of today.

Recent Custom Webdesign Client Testimonials

Our Small Business clients enjoy working with us because they know we are still very accesable to them in case they need anything from us. We have never left them alone after we delivered their websites, indeed we won't.

Flexible Web Design exceeded all my expectations. They were very professional, going well beyond their job duties, fast, responsive, knowledgeable, and all around a wonderful company to work with. At a fraction of the price other companies charge, their work far exceeds the cost and truly looks and functions just as good if not better than those charging ten-fold what they do. Flexible Web Design is everything you could ever ask for, and more! . - Jason Shmelnik

testi1Property Improvement Specialist
Jason Schmelnik, Manager

From our very first contact with Flexible Web Design to our final website launch, we found Flexible Web Design provided an outstanding service. They went above and beyond what we asked of them.Every question was answered quickly and the website they designed for us is exactly what we want and their service made every step of the process simple. I would highly recommend Flexible Web Design to any company wishing to create or update their website.

testi1SEVEN Corporations Group
H.Oytun Seven, SEVEN Construction Inc. President


for Virtuemart 3

Google's Material Design has finally arrived to Virtuemart

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Fully responsive!

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