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Flexible Zoom Effect Tutorial: Change Product Image on Selecting Different Colors through Custom Field

Flexible Zoom Effect has the most desired feature of “Change product picture on changing the custom field”. If you have a clothing store, this will increase your website’s user-experience a lot, because when shoppers choose “BLACK” or “WHITE” color from … Continue reading

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The idea of pagination on category browse page (applies for Virtuemart 2.0.22+)

Hi, After Virtuemart 2.0.22 update, the pagination structure has slightly changed on category browse page. You might end with this issue: No matter what I do, category browse page always shows 9 products per page, but I want to change … Continue reading

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The easiest way to solve jQuery Conflict Issues.

Hi, Most of the problems about our VM Template – PureMart are related to jQuery Conflict issues. (most likely loading multiple jQuery at a time in the website with out having no.conflict protection). This topic will tell you how to … Continue reading

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Virtuemart – Image type Custom Field – Tutorial with Screenshots

Hi everybody, here comes an another tutorial about how to create “Custom Fields” in Virtuemart. This tutorial will show you how to have “image type” custom field. Image type custom fields will include the “image” or “icon” instead of plain … Continue reading

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Virtuemart Tutorial – Product Custom fields with stock control (with screenshots)

Lets say; you are selling clothes, and every cloth has different size option. 0-2-4-6-8 etc.. And you want to keep stock info for each of the individual sizes separately. If you understand the idea; you can implement this functionality for … Continue reading

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Virtuemart v2.0 Migration (migrate your contents from older version of Virtuemart to Virtuemart2)

Virtuemart V2.0 finally has been released, But what about for those who already have running website with Virtuemart V1, can you completely remove everything and make a fresh install of Virtuemart v2? Spend hours to add the same products? of … Continue reading

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Show Thumbnails in Virtuemart Shopping Cart

Greetings, Virtuemart doesn’t come with the feature of showing thumbnails in shopping cart, how ever it is really easy to implement this awesome feature to Virtuemart, this modification is working on Virtuemart 1.1.x. And please make sure you SAVED your … Continue reading

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How to add additional picture to Virtuemart 1.1.x

Virtuemart is a ecommerce software installed on Joomla CMS website. Flexible Web Design | California Web Design ( offers awesome extension called “Additional Pictures on Browse page” which is special extension for Virtuemart.

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