Virtuemart Tutorial – Product Custom fields with stock control (with screenshots)

Lets say; you are selling clothes, and every cloth has different size option. 0-2-4-6-8 etc.. And you want to keep stock info for each of the individual sizes separately. If you understand the idea; you can implement this functionality for any other variations of same products such as; COLOR, SIZE, WEIGHT, MATERIAL or any other option of same product and you can submit a different stock number for each individual option.

The basic idea is creating Child Product for each different variation of same product. In this tutorial, i am going over the procedure steps-by steps with providing screenshots. Here is the easiest way to create Custom Fields with Stock Control, i hope it will be useful to all.


1- Start with creating custom field by looking at this screenshot. Custom Field TYPE is: Plug-ins

2- Then click to edit to any product that you want to add those size numbers. (that product doesn’t have to have any child products, we are going to add those child product easily later on.) if you already have child products for that particular product, delete all of them for now.

3- Add the “SIZE” custom field in that product.

5- Then click SAVE button.

6- you need to click SAVE and refresh the page in order to proceed.

7- Then look at the screenshot below, you will get this look. In the field below, type 10 into product in stock field. type a Product NAme (typically copy/paste the existing product name) Then click NEW button.

This will automatically create a child product with changing the Product name and Product Stock number. got it? This is easier way to generate child product.

8-  After Clicking NEW button It will say:

9- Now click SAVE again:

10- Here is the result and the TEST TEST child product you just added:

11- from the dropdown, select the SIZE and checked the “parent variant”.
12- The result:

14- Click SAVE.

15- Do the same thing for other size options:

16- And click SAVE.


17- Here is the result in the website:


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12 Responses to Virtuemart Tutorial – Product Custom fields with stock control (with screenshots)

  1. Sofia says:

    Thanks for the great plug-in!!! Just one question! How to delete the child products!? I can not find the way and that’s strange…

  2. Steve says:

    I don’t get ‘VM – Custom, Stockable Variants’
    I only get ‘Stockable Variants’
    Is this the right one and if so then i only get
    Customfield: stockable

    in the box select plug-in after i save

    I don’t get the ‘Option Name’ or ‘Option Values’

    Is this a plug-in I have to add to my Joomla?
    I’ve tried to search for it to no avail
    Please Help

  3. Nick says:

    I followed your steps and everything seems fine, but I am unable to add the products to the cart – they come up as 0 regardless of quantities or sizes selected…..any thoughts ?

  4. Steve says:

    Is there a way to get this to work for a choice of weights and pass the child products weight info to the cart so that the shipping can be calculated properly? At the moment all I get is the shipping calculated from whatever the parent product is set to which is pretty useless.

    Looked all over the VM forum and did find a fix (by editing stockable.php) but it’s not working either with the current version of VM or the flexible VM template I am using, not sure which, but when applied the drop down box of attributes vanishes from the parent product page.

  5. raman says:

    Thanks !!
    You saved my life !!!

  6. Chris says:

    Do not forget to enable cart attribute for the specific cusotm field.

    You can do this in virtuemart > Products > Custom Fields

  7. free websites says:

    I hardly comment, however I browsed a great deal of remarks here Virtuemart
    Tutorial – Product Custom fields with stock control (with screenshots)

  8. Alkey says:

    I am with Mikey here – get exactly the same issue. Was it resolved?


    • Alejandriitha says:

      …I love the looks of this template, but I am hvniag these problems: 1. In the footer, nothing will show in the left column, no matter what gadget I place there.2. I would like the Title of Gadgets in the sidebar to be a different font. I found the code to change the size of these titles, but cannot get the font itself to change.3. I would like a very thin border between the sidebar and the main content, but can’t get it to show.

  9. Stacey says:

    Can you PLEASE HELP = what tab is number 7 on? because the sizes populate, but there is no Number 7 screen shot on that page after the refresh?

  10. Mikey says:


    This simply isn’t working on my website. Have followed the steps exactly but the drop down on the shop for sizes just will not appear.

    I have entered the Product Name and now in the custom fields tab of product entry I have the sizes all listed. However when I go to the site nothing..

    Can you possibly help with this matter?


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