Fancy Product Slider for Virtuemart 3


Flexible – Virtuemart Fancy Product Slider is updated today!

We are so proud to announce that; Flexible – Virtuemart Fancy Product Slider is updated today and now it is fully compatible with Virtuemart 3.0 and Joomla 3.x. 

Virtuemart – Flexible Fancy Product Slider, lets you show your virtuemart products in a fancy slider. Module comes with 4 different Slider Themes and several customizable features

More info:

DEMO: Click here.

Features includes:
  • Choosable 4 different Slider Themes (Basic, Border, Stick, Stick-v2)
  • Auto Scrolling in a given time-frame
  • Infinite loop. So the slider doesn’t stop when it comes to end, it rolls back to begining.
  • You are free to set items number in the slider. Max.15 is recommended to avoid long page loading.
  • Customizable module width and height is calculated automatically.
  • Customizable thumbnail width and height
  • 6 different LEFT-RIGHT choosable options. Choose which ever fits your website the most.
  • Able to show products only from specific category – Category Filtering –
  • Show only “featured” items for selected category
  • Enable/Disable Fancy Reflection Effect under the thumbnails
  • Enable/Disable to be shown Product Title
  • Enable/Disable to be shown Product Describtion
  • Enable/Disable to be shown Product Prices
  • Enable/Disable to be shown [Product Details] link
  • Specify maximum text length for Product Desciption
  • Able to use multiple modules in a single page  
  • Fancy Slider Module has 2 different versions: VM3.x and VM2.x. Install the appropriate module to your website.

* It is perfect to use this module to show NEW ARRIVALS or ON FEATURED products.


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