Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart (Supports VM3.x)

NEW: Compatible with Virtuemart 3.6.x + Joomla 3.9.x

Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart is a responsive Virtuemart Theme. It gets integrated to any of Joomla Template, comes with lots of awesome features and multiple page layouts. Of course! It is easy to customize.

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LICENSE NOTICE: If you are a developer and planing to use this template in multiple websites (domains) you designed, you should purchase this template with +Unlimited Domains license to avoid domain restriction. We keep updating/upgrading the template once a new version of VM comes out, developers will also be able to get future updates/upgrades for free. This option can't be added later. Read template licensing for more information.

Virtuemart 3.x: Click for Installation Manual (TUTORIAL.pdf)
Virtuemart 2.x: Click for Installation Manual (TUTORIAL.pdf)


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CleanMart no longer supports VM2.x, from now on, it supports only VM3.x and Joomla3.x
Compatible with: Virtuemart 3.6.10 + Joomla 3.9.18


Intoducing Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart.
for Virtuemart 3.x & Joomla 3.x


Cross-Browser Support. Responsive to IOS, Android and Tablets.

Browse the DEMO with your IOS, Android or Tablet

See what CleanMart can do.

Your joomla template BEFORE & AFTER CleanMart


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We never leave you alone!

Stuck somewhere while doing customizations? You have no clue during the installation? No Problem! We are always  here to help you! Check our Forum and see how fast and efficient we are, in terms of "helping".

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Keep using

your joomla template.

CleanMart gets integrated to your joomla template.



CleanMart is Responsive!


CleanMart is a responsive Virtuemart 3 Template. (activated automatically when your current joomla template is responsive too) Virtuemart pages will be much more user friendly through smart-phones and tablets. Visit the demo of CoolMart with your mobile device and see the responsive layout in action. The shorthen URL of demo is: sensitive)



dropdown shopping cart module

comes free.

Normally sold for $19



Dropdown Shopping Cart Module

Ajax-Powered Dropdown Shopping Cart Module lets you add/delete products to/from shopping cart by AJAX requests (without refreshing the entire page).


Apple-Inspired Expanding Search Box

CoolMart will transform your regular/plain search module into an awesome Apple-Inspired Expanding search Module. Thanks to Apple for this wonderful idea.
Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart live demo

virtuemartTemplateCleanmart shoppingCartModule


Zoom Effect.

Integrated, comes free.

mouseover to zoom, click to enlarge.

View demoSee it in action


ListView Vs. GridView Vs. MultiGridView

Visitors are able to switch the browse layout easily by clicking the "switch view" button! CleanMart comes with 2 different category browse page design. Each category browse page layout has 3 different view options: ListView, GridView, MultiGridView.

Screenshots below are taken from same category browse page layout but from different View options.
Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart - Live DEMO



Extended Zooming Effect, inspired

Normally sold for $30

Joomla Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart comes with responsive zoom effect extension, built in and free. Zooming effect does not just zoom, but also enlarges the product pictures with a nice transition effect to a bigger view. Enlarging with transition effect functionality is inspired from
Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart live demo


Keep Using Your
Current Joomla Template

Virtuemart 3 Template Cleanmart is integrated to your current joomla template. It changes layout of only Virtuemart-related pages withing the "content" area. Those pages are VM Frontpage, Category Page, Product Details page, Shopping cart page. Other pages, modules, menus and the rest will remain being controlled by your current joomla template.
Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart live demo


Additional Pic. in Browse Page

Your visitors will be able to see the additional pictures of any product in the category browse page. It is a very useful feature if you have clothing store!

Virtuemart Custom Fields

We have improved the stylization of Custom Fields with CSS touches. They look more organized now.

Instruction Manual

An instruction Manual comes with the Template installation ZIP file. (TUTORIAL.PDF) Please read it before doing anything. It shows you to step-by-step (by screenshots) to install the template to your website.

"Flexible VM2 Template" Plugin

The special "Flexible VM2 Template" joomla plugin that comes with CleanMart lets you customize the virtuemart related pages easily! See the screenshot of the backend plugin parameters.

User-friendly Checkout Page

User-friendly checkout page (AJAX-powered) comes built-in with CleanMart. The complexity of the regular checkout process has been improved. Now, it is much more user-friendly. See the DEMO for better understanding.

Quick Look Feature

We are the first to bring the QuickLook feature to Virtuemart. With CleanMart, we have improved it even more!

Uniquely Created Buttons

We have used CSS Gradient to generate buttons. It means, the texts are plain text, so once the website's language is changed, those buttons will be translated automatically. Also you can change the colors of buttons by changing HEX color codes easily.

CleanMart is International flags globe

CleanMart is completely international. All you need to do is translating your Virtuemart to your native language and you are all set to go.


If any product is ON SALE, FEATURED, SOLD OUT or NEW those special products will be catchy in the category browse page. Our template puts a specific labels on the left side of thumbnails in the category browse page to make them more noticeable.



Change Log

__________________________v4.1.0 (May, 2020)___________________________

	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with Virtuemart 3.6.10 + Joomla 3.9.18 [Tested and Confirmed]
	- Obfuscated lines are removed
	- Minor compatibility issues due to upgrade are resolved
	- VM2.x support has been eliminated. From now on, CleanMart will support only VM3.x

__________________________v4.0.0 (October, 2019)___________________________

	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with Virtuemart 3.6.2 + Joomla 3.9.12.. Tested and Confirmed.
	- Compatibility issues are resolved.
	- Overflow problem within the add-to-cart popup problem resolved
	- Text alignment problem within the add to cart quantity input has been resolved
	- Call for Price button being doubling within the featured product carousel has been resolved

__________________________v3.9.9 (November, 2018)___________________________

	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with Virtuemart 3.4.2 + Joomla 3.9. Tested and Confirmed.
	- Addressed variety of different compatibility issues and patched. 
	- If you are planing to use latest VM3.4+ and Joomla3.9+, you must be in this version.

__________________________v3.9.8 (April, 2018)___________________________

	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with VM3.2.14 + Joomla 3.8.6. Tested and Confirmed.
	- Fixes an issue that caused price not gets updated upon changing custom field on product details page
	- Addresses the compatibility issues for PHP7.x and Joomla3.8.x. PHP notice messages have been eliminated.
	- Various UI/UX improvement have been implemented into various of pages (almost all pages have effected these UI/UX improvements)
	- VM - Category module has been redeveloped. It now shows the product count (See the live demo for better understanding)
	- VM - Manufacturer module has been redeveloped. It provided better UX now (See the live demo for better understanding)
	- Joomla Login module has been re-designed to match the general UI
	- VM - Currency Selector module has been re-designed to match the general UI
	- The head section on category page has been completely re-designed. (better UI)
	- The product grids in the top10 tabs (on VM Front-Page) are now using flexBox to get the equal height. (better UI)

___________________________v3.9.7 (November 2nd 2016)___________________________

	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with VM3.0.18 + Joomla 3.6.5
	Problems that appear along with VM3.0.18:	
		- The not being able to show the registration buttons on the shopping cart page problem has been resolved.
		- The AJAX loading issue on product details that occurs when selecting a Multi Variant custom field option; or clicking the NEXT-PREV button, has been resolved
		- Not being able to display keyword when searching happens, problem has been resolved.
	- Various UI/UX improvement have been implemented into various of pages (almost all pages have effected these UI/UX improvements)
	- VM - Category Module is now capable to highlight the current category (you can apply your further customization via flexible.css)
	- The Authorize.Net Credit Card payment method has been re-styled in the front-end. Shoppers are now able to enter their Credit Card details without jumping to a fresh new page, right from the shopping cart page (to test it, open the CleanMart live demo, navigate to Shopping Cart page and select Credit Card as your payment method)
	- The PHP notice message that was caused by Dropdown Shopping Cart Module has been eliminated
	- CleanMart Live Demo is now using T3 Framework; which is free to download via T3 Template website. But of course, CleanMart gets integrated to any Joomla Template/Framework; We just picked the T3, you will be using your own.

___________________________v3.9.6 (Jun 27th 2016)___________________________
	- reCaptcha 2.0 has been implemented to CleanMart
	- It is now possible to enable reCaptcha on User Registration form without needing any 3rd party captcha plugin. 
	- To enable the reCaptcha on Ask-Question, Recommendation and User Registration forms, follow these steps:
		- Publish “Captcha - ReCaptcha” plugin via Joomla Plugin Manager (you need to enter siteKey and secretKey to plugin parameters which can be taken from 
		- Enable “Use ReCaptcha for Registration” option via VM Configuration > Shop
		- Enable “Use ReCaptcha for Recommendations and Ask a question” option via VM Configuration > Shopfront

___________________________v3.9.5 (May 21st 2016)___________________________
	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with VM3.0.16 + Joomla3.5.1
	- Couple layout bugs has been fixed (especially on responsive layout)
	- There was a JS problem on product details page, when MultiVariant custom field is used. This problem has been patched.
	- VM - Manufacturer Module has been re-designed from top to bottom. Please see the Live Demo of CleanMart to see how VM - Manufacturer Module looks like. 
	- Dropdown Shopping Cart Module was causing JavaScript console error when used with jQuery v1.11.3 and above, this has been patched (so, if you are updating the CleanMart, do not forget to re-install the dropdown shopping cart module to get this patch on your website)

___________________________v3.9.4 (March 23rd 2016)___________________________

	- CleanMart is fully compatible with VM3.0.14 + J3.4.x
	- Fixes for shopping cart page: 
		- in some cases; due to the JavaScript problem, CONFIRM ORDER button was failed to be displayed thus no way to complete the checkout. This problem is fixed. Everything is working flawlessly
		- When different shipping address than billing address is entered, the current address was not being displayed. Now it is displayed properly and the changes are effective immediately via AJAX loading.
		- While redirecting to PayPal (or any other 3rd party payment gateway), the notification bubble was misaligned. This problem has been fixed. 
	- On product page, there was a layout problem with rating-stars while writing reviews. This problem has been fixed.
	- On product page, while AJAX was running, there was no loading icon. This minor problem been patched

___________________________v3.9.3.2 (March 3rd 2016)___________________________

	-In shopping cart page, Ground Total has been corrected to Grand Total.

___________________________v3.9.3.1 (February 9th 2016)___________________________

	- CRITICAL UPDATE: When a coupon has been applied. CONFIRM ORDER keeps looping. Never possible to complete the checkout. This problem has been fixed.

___________________________v3.9.3 (February 1st 2016)___________________________

	- If the Coupon Feature is disabled from VM Configurations, then the coupon-bar gets disappeared from the shopping cart page.
	- dynupdate.js has been updated to most recent VM Core states. The price-updating now works flawlessly. Virtuemart.updateContent function now accepts callback parameter.

	IMPORTANT: If you are updating the CleanMart to v3.9.3, after installing the plg_flexibleTemplate plugin, take this file: ROOT/plugins/system/flexibleTemplate/elements/dynupdate.js and upload it to here (overwrite with the existing file) ROOT/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/js/dynupdate.js	

___________________________v3.9.2 (Jan 12th 2016)___________________________

	- ZoomEffect was preventing scrolling down on product details page. This problem has been resolved. Now, one-finger touch on product picture doesn’t do anything, so users can safely scroll the page. But double-finger touch on product picture activates the ZoomEffect.

___________________________v3.9.1 (December 30th 2015)___________________________
	- “Click to Enlarge” button problem on Product Details page has been resolved.
	- The problem that occurs when “add to cart” button was enabled for “VM Product Module” Problem has been resolved. 
	- Product Availability date is now displayed above the add-to-cart button if the availability date is in the future
	- Height problem on username-password input field on shopping cart page has been resolved (this was happening only on Firebox browser)
	- Height problem on Coupon input field on shopping cart page has been resolved (this was happening only on Firebox browser)

___________________________v3.9 (December 2nd 2015)___________________________
	- CleanMart is fully compatible with VM3.0.12 + Joomla3.4.5
	- Shopping Cart page has been re-built from top to the bottom. The new layout is promising better UX, avoid losing conversations. 
	- Almost all PHP files are touched/modified to apply the new VM3.0.12 standards
	- Various CSS and JS improvements have been made. 
	- Bootstrap-Lite (that covers only the GRID styles) has been integrated to flexible.css file
	- Reported bugs have been resulted
	- The Domain Validation process has been replaced with a better solution, which doesn’t cause any slowness on the server at all!

	- NOTICE: On CleanMart v3.9 [One Page Checkout] option that is adjustable under ‘VM Configuration >> Checkout TAB’ must be ENABLED!!

___________________________v3.8 (Sep 17 2015)___________________________
	- Related Products weren’t printed on product details page, this problem has been fixed.
	- jQuery .live() event handler isn’t supported on 1.9+ jQuery Library anymore. live() handler was used on some sections, this has been replaced with an alternative to avoid jQuery TypeError console error.
	- Various UI improvements have been made
       	- Downloadable Media Files (PDF,ZIP,RAR,DOC) were behaving like pictures and caused infinite loading on ZoomEffect. With this patch; if uploaded file is a PDF, ZIP, RAR or DOC then this downloadable file will be opened in a new browser upon picked and won’t interact with ZoomEffect.

___________________________v3.7 (June 9 2015)___________________________
	- On shopping cart page, if the CHECKOUT button is clicked without selecting any shipment and payment method, in the next page to select shipping & payment methods; the SAVE button wasn’t doing anything. This problem has been fixed.
	- In some cases, DropdownShoppingCart Module was throwing Internal Server - 500 Error message to browser console upon adding product to cart, or removing from cart. This problem has been solved.
	- The problem of not being able to select image-type custom field has been fixed.
        - “Undefined variable CssFlexible” problem with the plugin has been fixed.
	- “Undefined variable response” problem on cart page has been fixed
	- “Undefined variable checkUserFields” problem on cart page has been fixed.
	- The 500 problem with flexv2_customfield or default_customfields on product details page has been fixed.

___________________________v3.6 (May 16 2015)___________________________
	- Category description was being displayed only if the category has sub-category(s). This problem has been fixed.

___________________________v3.5 (May 2 2015)___________________________
	- The problem with “Forgot Password” link (on checkout page) has been fixed.

___________________________v3.4 (April 21 2015)___________________________
	- When InnerZoom is used, the zoomWindow never disappears even after mouse-leave. This problem has been fixed.

___________________________v3.3 (April 15 2015) ___________________________
	- The row problem with Featured Products, Top 10 Products TABs on Virtuemart Frontpage has been fixed.
	- When AJAX Shipping or AJAX Payment Disabled through plugin parameters, there was no way to select shipping or payment method, because the SUBMIT button was not doing anything. This problem has been fixed.
	- The layout problem with RADIO button and LABEL on shipping and payment rates section has been improved.

___________________________v3.2 (March 7 2015)___________________________
	- CleanMart is fully compatible with VM3.0.6.2
	- The quantity increment problem (it was saying -NaN- if the PLUS icon is clicked) has been resolved.
	- Selecting ImageTypeCustomField was failing if AJAX loading occurred (NEXT-PREV navigation or generic-custom-field selection), this problem has been fixed. (dynupdate.js has been updated, if you are upgrading CleanMart, please take this file from>>assets>>dynupdate.js file and upload it to here: /template/YOUR_TEMPLATE/js/dynupdate.js - overwrite with the existing file)
	- The UPDATE/SAVE flow on shopping cart page has been completely reorganized.
	- Enable/Disable ModalPopup for Registration/GuestCheckout/Edit Forms on checkout page parameter has been aded to Flexible VM3 Template plugin.
	- Enable/Disable parameter to Load Payment Methods by AJAX option has been added to Flexible VM3 Template plugin.
	- Enable/Disable parameter to Load Shipping Rates by AJAX option has been added to to Flexible VM3 Template plugin.
	FYI: With some 3rd party shipping/payments plugins, our template’s Listing ShippingRates/PaymentMethods (based on AJAX loading) doesn’t work on checkout page. If this problem occours, simply disable these options to get back to official VM flow.

___________________________v3.1 (Feb 14 2015)___________________________
	- CleanMart is updated to support Virtuemart 3.0.4
        - The custom dynupdate.js support has been added to CleanMart. This will fix the problem of not being re-initializing the zoomEffect and social media icon upon changing the Custom Fields (make sure to update Flexible VM3 Template plugin)
	- The pagination floating problem has been fixed
	- The problem of showing ‘No result found’ message for empty category has been fixed. 
	- The unnecessary plugin parameters have been eliminated from the plugin.

___________________________v3.0 (December 04 2014)___________________________
	- Finally it is here. CleanMart now supports Virtuemart 3.0 + Joomla 3.x
	- CleanMart comes with 2 installation files:
		1- For Virtuemart2.x
		2- For Virtuemart3.x

	Install the appropriate CleanMart based on your system.

___________________________v2.0 (November 28 2014)___________________________
	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with VM2.6.12 (virtuemart 3.0 support is coming soon!!)
	- ZoomEffect is completely re-developed. The new zoomEffect offers extra 30 parameters in the plugin.
        - MouseWheel Zoom is added
	- If the website is browsed by a smartphone, the ZoomType is automatically switched to InnerZoom, which is the most appropriate zoomType for smartphones (it was one of the most demanded features)
	- ZoomTypes: LensZoom, WindowZoom, InnerZoom are added
	- Product Details - Default: Opens Fancybox modal popup upon enlarged
	- Product Details - Flexv2: Makes the product picture full screen upon enlarged
	- In case of any jQuery conflict, there are 5 patch available to select through plugin parameters.
	- Apple UI is applied to image type custom field.
	- It is possible to show subtitles for additional product pictures.	
        - Product Details pages (default and flexv2) are completely re-designed.
        - NEXT - PREV Ajax loading stability problem is resolved (in case of any problem, you can disable this AJAX loading functionality through plugin)
        - Some CSS UI improvements have applied.
	- Some bugs on responsive layout have been fixed.

___________________________v1.3 (April 10 2014)___________________________
	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with VM2.6.xx
        - Facebox Modal Popup has been replaced by Fancybox v2. It gives much better performance.
        - One of the most desirable requests: It is now possible to put reCaptcha below the Ask a Question form to avoid spamming.
        - Lots of UI improvements (mostly CSS)

___________________________v1.2 (27 December 2013)___________________________
	- CleanMart is now fully compatible with VM2.0.26d.
	- PayPal Express Checkout button feature has been integrated to shopping cart page.
	- Manufacturer links now directly list the products in the manufacturer browse page.
	- Manufacturer browse page doesn’t show the unnecessary sub-categories at the top.
	- shopping cart icons have been updated.
	- Modal Popup upon Add To Cart box is redesigned.
	- Old price override issue (with/without TAX situations) has been resolved.
	- Unstable Star icon problem when writing review, has been patched.
___________________________v1.1 (26 September 2013)___________________________
	- ClenMart now supports VM Custom Field-Stockable Variant. Make sure check this forum post first	
	- The AJAX loading functionally (Generic Child Variant, Next Product, Previous product) has been improved, bugs have been fixed.
	- It is possible to enable/disable AJAX loading through Flexible VM2 Template plugin in case the AJAX loading breaks the page layout. 
	- A new product details version (flexv2) has been added. Now we have 2 different product detail page layouts (default and flexv2). You choose one that you like the most.
	- Some CSS rules have empowered to avoid CSS overriding that caused by some Joomla Templates. 
___________________________v1.0 (September 2013)___________________________
	- Virtuemart 2 Template - CleanMart is released
	- Minimum requirements: 
	   - Virtuemart 2.0.20b
	   - Joomla 2.5.xx
	   - PHP 5.3 +
	   - MySQL 5.0.4 +


for Virtuemart 3

Google's Material Design has finally arrived to Virtuemart

Virtumart Template - MaterialMart Virtumart Template - CleanMart Virtumart Template - CleanMart Virtumart Template - CleanMart

Fully responsive!

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