Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart

Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart is a Virtuemart and Joomla Template bundle. DarkMart includes lots of unique extensions/features: Virtuemart Ajax Shopping Cart, QuickLook, Virtuemart Quick look, Virtuemart Zoom effect, Virtuemart One Page Checkout.




Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart

Shine bright like a diamond in the dark.

virtuemart_template_quicklook virtuemart_template_zoom_effect
We moved “Quick Look
feature to one step forward.
Comes Free, built-in
Advanced Zoom Effect Extension


switching virtuemart_template_top4
ListView / GridView / MultiGridView
In Category Browse Page
See Additional Pictures
in Category Browse Page



star_10star_10star_10star_10 Excellent Support. We never leave you alone!

Stuck somewhere while doing customizations? Or you don’t know what to do next? No Problem!! We are here to help you! Just check our Forum and see how fast and efficient we are in terms of “helping”.

3D Sliding Joomla Module

Awesome 3D Sliding module comes free, this module is just awesome. It has lots of different parameters to let you customize it easily
Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart live demo






AJAX-Powered Dropdown Shopping Cart

Ajax-Powered Dropdown Shopping Cart Module lets you to add products to cart without refreshing the page and show them inside a nice drop down box.

Apple-Inspired Expanding Search Box

DarkMart will transform your regular/plain search module into an awesome Apple-Inspired Expanding search Module. No further installation required. Apply DarkMart; and you all set.
Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart live demo


ListView Vs. GridView Vs. MultiGridView

Visitors are able to switch the browse layout easily by clicking the “switch view” button! DarkMart comes with a designed and built entirely new category browse page and it has three different view options: ListView, GridView, MultiGridView.

Screenshots below are taken from same category browse page layout but from different View options.
Joomla Virtuemart Template -DarkMart live demo



Extended Zooming Effect, inspired

Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart comes with extented zooming effect extension, built in. Zooming effect does not just zoom, but also enlarges the product pictures with a nice transition effect to a bigger view. Enlarging with transition effect functionality is inspired from
Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart live demo


Sidebar and Module Layouts

The Joomla Virtuemart Template – DarkMart framework comes with a broad range of layout options

virtuemart template layout positions1
virtuemart template layout positions2

Module Layouts

The blue module positions allow to choose a module layout which defines the module alignment and proportions: equal, double or stack. You can easily add your own module layouts.

Sidebar Layouts

The two available sidebars, highlighted in red, can be switched to the left or right side and their widths can easily be set in the theme administration.

Module Style

For modules in the blue and red positions you can choose different module styles.


Quick Look Feature

We are the first to bring the QuickLook feature to Virtuemart. With DarkMart, we have improved it

Uniquely Created Buttons

We have used CSS3 to generate buttons. It means, the texts are plain text, so once the website’s language is changed, those buttons will be translated automatically.

DarkMart is International

Our joomla virtuemart template is completely international. All you need to do is translating your Virtuemart to your native language.


Is any product ON SALE, FEATURED, SOLD OUT or NEW? From now on; those special products will be catchy in the category browse page. Our template puts a specific labels on the left side of thumbnails in the category browse page to make them more noticeable.

Additional Pic. in Browse Page

Your visitors will be able to see the additional pictures of any product in the category browse page. It is a very useful feature if you have clothing store!

Virtuemart Custom Fields

We have improved the stylization of Custom Fields with CSS touches. They look more organized now.

Instruction Manual

An instruction Manual comes with the Template installation ZIP file. (TUTORIAL.PDF) Please read it before doing anything. It shows you to step-by-step (by screenshots) to apply the template to you website.

“Flexible VM2 Template” Plugin

The special “Flexible VM2 Template” joomla plugin that comes with DarkMArt let you change many parameter and customize the virtuemart related pages easily!

Virtuemart One Page Checkout

Virtuemart Single Page Checkout extension (AJAX-powered) comes built-in with DarkMart. Buyers never leave the checkout page during checkout. See the DEMO for better understanding.


Click to View Demo: DEMO

Click to Buy The Joomla Virtuemart Template : BUY


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