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Virtuemart 2 Template is finally OUT!!.

After several weeks of VM2.0 was released, Flexible Web Design finally finished the design for VM2.0 template. The team, so far, has designed an awesome theme for VM1.1.9 and we have received spectacular feedbacks about it. These days the question of “when are you going to create a new template which will support VM2.0” has been asked so many times. Hey guys!!!, here is the good news!! Template is completed and tests gave successful result. It means the template is ready to be released.

As you all know, Unlike VM1.1.9, Virtuemart 2 has stopped using Theme system, it uses View folder and Default.php for each pages, basically Virtuemart is very look alike to Joomla from now on when it comes to applying templates. This makes things little bit complicated and doesn’t give us enough freedom and flexibility which we like a lot as you can point this out from our web design company name :). Theme for Virtuemart was awesome, because users were able to use separate template for Joomla, and separate theme for Virtuemart, they were separated completely, so users weren’t stuck with limited numbers of Virtuemart+Joomla complete packages. But now, they have to install Virtuemart Template to their joomla which will change the layout of both their joomla and Virtuemart. It sounds good at first, since it looks like it is all-in one but think about it;

  • How many people are using Joomla? Millions.
  • How many people are using Virtuemart as Ecommerce software? Million
  • How many templates (free or commercial) are available for Joomla? Billions
  • How many template (free of commercial) are available for Joomla+Virtuemart? a few 🙁

People have to choose one of the “a few” virtuemart+joomla template in order to modify their Virtuemart 2.0, it sounds sucks so far, isn’t it? But wait a second, here is coming the second good news, WITH OUR VIRTUEMART 2 THEMPLATE, YOU WILL KEEP USING YOUR OWN JOOMLA TEMPLATE. OUR TEMPLATE WILL CHANGE ONLY THE LAYOUT OF YOUR VIRTUEMART SECTION (all in all i works just like a virtuemart theme).

You can take a look at the theme and see how it looks like from our LIVE DEMO page. To check it out, please click the link here: Virtuemart 2 Template DEMO
To download it for Single Domain or Multiple Domain, please refer to this page and rock your Virtuemart!!. Virtuemart 2 Template Download


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