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TOPIC: Few Issues with template inconsistency

Few Issues with template inconsistency 7 years 7 months ago #9548

Hi there.

I need to get this site finalized, however support here would be great on a few issues I am having with this template, I know the template has been modified greatly, so please assist asap where possible:

Website: engen.stormdemo.co.za

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Please log in to the website to see the issues I am facing with the above details

1) On the home page (Deal of the day) click on add to cart... This should add the product to the cart as per the rest of the site, instead of going to the cart page.

2) When you have added a product and gone to the cart, Your billing details are shown, I have added 2 shopper fields namely floor number and office number, the only thing that shows under billing info is the actual numbers I have entered, I would like it to show :

Floor no: 35
Office no: 255

This must also show on the order email

3) How can I style a link to look like the rest of my "red checkout etc" buttons? If you click on My Orders in the main menu,and click on the order that is there, It just says View Orders, and I would like this to be a button like the Reorder button at the bottom of the page?

4) can be post from yesterday also be answered, as the client is now waiting for these final issues to be sorted:

Thanks for the assistance.
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Few Issues with template inconsistency 7 years 7 months ago #9560


1- Showing the numbers only (and hiding the field label) makes sense.
Because for example; for the Address, it is;
Address: 123 Main Street

but once the address is printed in the shopping cart page, the label disappears and you are seeing only;
123 Main Street

The only way i can think of is using preg_replace or preg_match through the Template Override files. (in order to show the field label for Floor and Office numbers) -OR- you would need a Virtuemart Core hack, i don't know if it is possible with core hack though. But you definitely need to use preg_replace or preg_match to separate the Floor and Office fields from the others and show them differently.

This is a 100% custom modification and unfortunately we don't provide free support or step-by-step instructions for custom coding modifications.

You may purchase premium support:

and let us take care this modification for you in your website though.
-OR- you might try to contact with virtuemart project developers,and ask support from them:
More info: extensions.virtuemart.net/support/support-for-1-hour-detail

2- Do you want to style the "Order Number" links?
It is also a custom modification, but this one is easy so here you go:

Find this PHP file:

and copy-paste that file to here:

By doing this, you are actually activating the "Template Override" for the edit_orderlist.php file. Anyway, then open the file and find this line:
<a href="<?php echo $editlink; ?>" rel="nofollow"><?php echo $row->order_number; ?></a>

style this <a href=""> tag as you wish. Add a class="" attribute and use CSS to for styling.

4- I just replied your topic in here:
Since they are separate products, it is better to keep discussions separated from each other.

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Few Issues with template inconsistency 7 years 7 months ago #9575

Hi, thanks I will look at the button issue.

How much would the support be to put in Office number and Floor number?

It is not sensible to hide these fields, as the only thing a client would put in there is the digits, it is not for addresses.
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Few Issues with template inconsistency 7 years 7 months ago #9587


1-hour premium support would be sufficient to let me take care of it.
You can purchase 1-hour premium support through here: www.flexiblewebdesign.com/premium-support

After purchasing, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include;
- Your order ID (that you got when purchased premium support)
- FTP credentials
- Joomla (super) admin account
- Clearly explain your request again in the email. In what pages you want to show the labels for Office # and Floor #. (you have said, in shopping cart page and order email, are there any other pages/places?)

then let me take care this modification for you on your website, within 24 hours. After i am done, i will provide you detailed information (such as; what PHP files i have modified etc..)

NOTICE: If i fail to handle the modification as you have requested or if i figure out that the 1-hour is not enough, I will retrieve my changes back to original state and fully refund your money.

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