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Flexible Virtuemart Zoom Effect on Product Page

NEW: Now compatible with Virtuemart 3 + Joomla 3.x

Now supports Virtuemart 3 and Joomla 3. Flexible Zoom Effect for Virtuemart provides zooming functionality for the product pictures. It also comes with modal popup upon clicking and slider for additional product pictures.

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SUPPORT OPTION: If you are a developer and want to use this extension on multiple websites (domains) you designed, you should purchase this extension with +For Multiple Domains to avoid support restriction by domain. We keep upgrading our extensions once a new version of VM comes out, developers will also be able to get future updates/upgrades for free. This option can't be added later.

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ZoomEffect Demonstration Video

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1326287309_infoCompatible with: Joomla3.x + Virtuemart3.x
Compatible with: Joomla2.5.x + Virtuemart2.x
arrow2 DEMO: Flexible Virtuemart Zoom Effect - DEMO (see all zoom types in action)


Responsive Zoom Effect for Virtuemart

Add a nice zoom effect to product pictures in Virtuemart.

Now Supports VirtueMart 3 and Joomla 3


Cross-browser support. All modern browsers as well as IOS, Android and Tablets

5 stars rating in®

We have received star_10star_10star_10star_10star_10(5 out of 5 stars) from 25 real users. Please browse to see the customer feedbacks about our Virtuemart Zooming Effect extension.

Zoom onHover,
Modal Popup onClick.

This functionality was one of the most wanted features in our Zoom Effect Extensison. Finally we did it. From now on; our zooming effect extension doesn't just zoom pictures when mouse-hovered, but also opens them in a modal popup when they are clicked.
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Change Product Image by Changing the Custom Field

For the first time in Virtuemart

Zoom Effect changes the product image as visitor selects the specific custom field. For instance; when the "BLACK" color is selected in the custom field, the product picture that is assicated with that custom field (BLACK) will be changed automatically.

Browse the DEMO and see it in action

Virtuemart Changing Product Image as Custom Field Change

It is Responsive!
IOS, Android and Tablet Support.

Flexible Virtuemart Zoom Effect is supported by all modern browsers as well as IOS, Adnroid and Tablets. Please browse the demo with your tablet or smartphone to see how our Zoom Effect is working with your mobile device.

Browse the DEMO with your IOS or Android device


3 Zoom types: Window, Lens, Inner

Flexible Virtuemart Zoom Effect comes with 3 different Zoom Type: Window, Lens and Inner. Please browse our live demo to view them in action.

User-Friendly module parameters

Flexible Virtuemart Zoom Effect has user friendly back-end interface and many useful customization parameters. No need to be a coder, just change the parameters and customize the zoom effect.
Click for Flexible Virtuemart Zoom Effect - DEMO


Zoom when mouse hovered

Flexible zooming effect zooms the parent or additional images when they are mouse hovered.

Opens Lighbox modal popup when Clicked.

Flexible zooming effect activate the Modal Popup upon clicking the thumbnail and lets you navigate back and forward through additional images.
Click for Flexible Virtuemart Zoom Effect - DEMO


MouseWheel Zoom

If your large pictures are not large enough, you can enable the MouseWheel zoom to enable the digital zooming.

Adjustable zooming window size

You are allowed to adjust to zooming window. Make it square or rectangular in any size depends on your layout

Fade-in, fade-out effect

The zooming window and Lens appears/disappears with a nice fade-in/fade-out effects.

Smooth moving

Alter the smooth move paramater in module configuration.  While the mouse is moving on thumbnail, the zoomed pictures in the zooming window will move smoothly.

Thumbnail SubTitles

If you fill out the SubTitle fields for pictures, those subtitles will be appeared for each thumbnail individually.

Carousel (slider) for add. pictures

If you have too many additional pictures, there is a built-in carousel (slider) extension for you.

3 Zoom Types

There are 3 different zoom types. You are going to choose the one that you like the most.

Enable/Disable Tint

If you want to make things more colorful, then the Tint functionality is for you.

Alter the opacity of lens

You are allowed to adjust the lens opacity through module parameters.

Position the zooming window

You can position the zooming window by submitting X and Y values, corresponded to thumbnail.



Flexible - Virtuemart Zoom Effect on Product Page Extension: Nice zoom effect to main picture and additional pictures on product detail page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you can't make this module works because of JavaScript Compatibility, please try to contact with us. We will try to figure out your individual problem. If we can't solve it, you will get 100% refund.

IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: Extension comes with 2 TUTORIAL.PDF files to show the installation procedure; one for Virtuemart 2.x and one for Virtuemart 3.x. You should read this TUTORIAL.PDF first, before doing anything! The installation procedure is extremely easy and even newbies to web development can handle it. But in case you couldn't, we would install the extension to your website for free. Just contact us and request free installation service.



Change Log

	- There was a picture loading problem after updating to VM3.0.12 or higher. This problem has been fixed. ZoomEffect is now compatible with any version higher than VM3.0.12.


for Virtuemart 3

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