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Flexible - Responsive Joomla 3D Slideshow (v2.0)

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Flexible - Responsive Joomla 3D Slideshow, lets you slide pictures with using one of the 14 different sliding effects including awesome 3D Horizontal, 3D Vertical and 3D Tiles effects. You can also include Captions (HTML codes) to each slides individually

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IMPORTANT: Since this extension is freeware, we don't provide support about it. Please don't contact us about asking support. It also comes with a visible "Powered By" text/link at the bottom of module. If you want us to remove this "powered by" text/link, submit an enquiry.

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Compatible with
  • compat_16_native compat_17compat_25
1326287309_infoTESTED ON: Joomla2.5.6
Unlike our other Virtuemart Extension, this extension doesn't require Virtuemart at all. Only Joomla is enough to install and use this awesome Responsive 3D Slideshow.
Flexible - Responsive Joomla 3D Slideshow, lets you slide pictures with using 14 different sliding effects including awesome 3D horizontal, vertical and tiles effects.
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screen1 smalltick 14 different Sliding Effects!
You have option to choose one of 14 sliding effects that fits your overal layout the most, OR you like the most.


tick Awesome 3D Effects
There are three 3D sliding effects, such as; 3D Horizontal, 3D Vertical and 3D Tiles sliding effects.


tick Automatic Scrolling
Automatic scrolling lets the slideshow slides by a given time period. The automatic delay time and scrolling speen can be altered from module parameter by milliseconds.

1tick Show/Hide Thumbnails
You are allowed to show or hide the thumbnails through module parameters

1tick Show/Hide Arrow Buttons
You can show or hide the arrow buttons through module parameters

1tick Show/Hide Time Indicator
When autoslide is enabled, at the bottom of slideshow a time indicator bar shows off and declares the remaning time for the next slide. You can show or hide this indicator bar.

1tick Enable/Disable AutoPlay
You can enable or disable the autoplay feature by defining a time intervall (in terms of milliseconds).

1tick Sliding Speed
You can define a sliding speed value (in terms of milliseconds) to determine how fast the sliding would be.

1tick Submit Captions Individually to each Slide
You are allowed to enter captions to each slide individually, or you can eliminate the caption from any slide if you wish.




  • 14 different transition effects.
  • jQuery noConflict protection to make your life easier!
  • Responsive down to mobile scale
  • CSS transition & 3D transform support
  • Javascript fallback fade transition
  • Auto-formatted, responsive thumbnails
  • Supported by all major web browsers (IE7+)
  • Able to add HTML captions to each slide
  • Hardware acceleration on supported browsers
  • It is free !
  • Simple, semantic markup
  • Lightweight JS file: 12k minified (4k gzipped)

Available Module Parameters

  • Load/Unload jQuery Library
  • Show/Hide next-prev arrow buttons
  • Show/Hide thumbnails
  • Choose the transition effect (There are 14 of them)
  • Enable/Disable autoPlay
  • Determine the delay time in AutoPlay mode (ms)
  • Determine the sliding speed (ms)
  • Enter thumbnail margin (% of the box)
  • Enter caption width (% of the box)
  • Choose starting slide (0,1,2 etc..)
  • For each slide individually:
    • Pick picture
    • Enter URL for picture
    • Enable/Disable caption
    • Choose caption location (top-right, top-left etc..)
    • Submit caption content (able to submit HTML codes)


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