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Update 7 years 2 months ago #10953


First question:

I am using an old version of PureMart. If I buy the latest version and update it (for 69$), will it work on Joomla 2.5.14 (PHP 5.2.17) and Virtuemart 2.0.12f. Do i have to update the Jommla and Virtuemart first?

Second question:

I am using an old version of PureMart. If I buy the template CleanMart will the site work? Do I owerride the latest template (PureMart) with the new CleanMart?

Third question:

If I update virtuemart an joomla to the latest version will the old version template of PureMart work?

Thank you for your answers!


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Update 7 years 1 month ago #10967


First of all, our templates/extensions have nothing to do with Joomla (as long as you use Joomla2.5.xx)
-- DON't update to Joomla3.x yet as Virtuemart Component works only with Joomla2.5.xx. Wait for the VM3.x to upgrade to Joomla3.x more info: www.flexiblewebdesign.com/blog/virtuemart-2-6-has-just-released-and-works-with-joomla-2-5-x/

The Virtuemart versions are critically important for our extensions/templates though. We are putting effort to update our templates/extensions and make them work just fine with new VM Releases. Currently all of our extensions/templates are working just fine with VM2.6.10 (which is the latest stable VM version)

If you upgrade PureMart (or CleanMart doesn't matter) you will need to update the VM Core Component as well. (which is a weird thing to do if you don't do it, why wouldn't you update VM? Because VM updates are so important, VM updates are usually patching critical security bugs. You should always use the latest VM version for your website security)

If you purchase CleanMart, you can uninstall the PureMart and install the CleanMart instead.

Uninstalling PureMart is so easy:
- Uninstall the "Flexible VM2 Template" plugin through Joomla Backend:
- Remove this folder: /templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/com_virtuemart/

and PureMart will be gone completely from your website. Then you can safely install the CleanMart.

(can't install CleanMart over PureMart though, actually it would be non-sense because they are both do the same thing)

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