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TOPIC: SportMart Release Notes. How to Upgrade?

SportMart Release Notes. How to Upgrade? 5 years 7 months ago #14069

The current version of SportMart is V3.5

SportMart Release Notes:
_________________________v3.5 (October, 2019)___________________________
	- SportMart is now fully compatible with Virtuemart 3.6.2 + Joomla 3.9.12 Tested and Confirmed.
	- Compatibility issues and patched. 
	- Minor UI problems resolved
	- QuickStart package comes with latest versions pre-installed (vm3.6.2 + j3.9.12)
___________________________v3.4 (November, 2018)___________________________
	- SportMart is now fully compatible with Virtuemart 3.4.2 + Joomla 3.9. Tested and Confirmed.
	- Addressed variety of different compatibility issues and patched. 
	- If you are planing to use latest VM3.4+ and Joomla3.9+, you must be in this version.
	- QuickStart package comes with latest versions pre-installed
	- PHP errors caused by JHTML::stylesheet() usage are eliminated
___________________________v3.3 (November 3rd 2016)___________________________
	- SportMart is now fully compatible with VM3.0.18 + Joomla 3.6.4
	- QuickStart package comes with VM3.0.18 + Joomla 3.6.4 pre-installed
	Problems that appear along with VM3.0.18:	
	- The registration buttons on the shopping cart page won’t show up, problem has been resolved.
	- The AJAX loading issue on product details that occurs when selecting a Multi Variant custom field option, or clicking the NEXT-PREV button, has been resolved
	- Keyword won’t show up when searching happens, this problem has been resolved.
	- Various UI/UX improvement have been implemented into various of pages (almost all pages have effected these UI/UX improvements)
	- VM - Category Module is now capable to highlight the current category (you can apply your further customization via virtuemart.css)
	- The Authorize.Net Credit Card payment method has been re-styled in the front-end. Shoppers are now able to enter their Credit Card details without jumping to a fresh new page, right from the shopping cart page (to test it, open the CleanMart live demo, navigate to Shopping Cart page and select Credit Card as your payment method)
	- The PHP notice message that was caused by Dropdown Shopping Cart Module has been eliminated
___________________________v3.2 (September 1st 2016)___________________________
	- SportMart QuickStart package comes with pre-installed VM3.0.16 + J3.6.2
	- Reported bugs have been patched.
	- reCaptcha 2.0 has been implemented to SportMart
	- It is now possible to enable reCaptcha on User Registration form without needing any 3rd party captcha plugin. 
	- To enable the reCaptcha on Ask-Question, Recommendation and User Registration forms, follow these steps:
		- Publish “Captcha - ReCaptcha” plugin via Joomla Plugin Manager (you need to enter siteKey and secretKey to plugin parameters which can be taken from http://www.recaptcha.com 
		- Enable “Use ReCaptcha for Registration” option via VM Configuration > Shop
		- Enable “Use ReCaptcha for Recommendations and Ask a question” option via VM Configuration > Shopfront
___________________________v3.1 (April 13th 2016)___________________________
	- SportMart is now fully compatible with VM3.0.16 — If you are planing to upgrade to VM3.0.16, you must get this new SportMart version. Do not upgrade the Virtuemart to 3.0.16 if you are planing to use any older SportMart version.
	- The looping problem on Shopping Cart page has been fixed. Everything is now loaded via AJAX on shopping cart page, there is no unnecessary 2nd page loading for ORDER CONFIRMATION during checkout process.
	- SportMart is now fully compatible with Joomla 3.5.1
	- QuickStart package comes with pre-installed Joomla3.5.1 + Virtuemart3.0.16
	- Displaying manufacturer logos on category and product pages was broken. This problem has been fixed. Furthermore, there is no need to modify any core VM file to enable the SHOW MANUFACTURER LOGOS. Everything is good to go once you install this new version
	- While using Mozilla Firefox, there was a problem with login-form and coupon-form on shopping cart page. These minor problems have been fixed.
___________________________v3.0.2 (February 9th 2016)___________________________
	- CRITICAL UPDATE: When a coupon has been applied. CONFIRM ORDER keeps looping. Never possible to complete the checkout. This problem has been fixed.
	- Please wait while redirecting to PayPal message while redirecting to PayPal payment page was misaligned, this has been fixed.
___________________________v3.0.1 (January 12th 2016)___________________________
	- ZoomEffect was preventing scrolling down on product details page. This problem has been resolved. Now, one-finger touch on product picture doesn’t do anything, so users can safely scroll the page. But double-finger touch on product picture activates the ZoomEffect.
___________________________v3.0 (December 2015)___________________________
	- SportMart has been completely re-developed from top to bottom.
	- Compatible with VM3.0.x + Joomla 3.4.x
	- Shopping Cart Page has been re-structured and re-design. The new design offers much better UX and UI
	- Variety of CSS, JS and PHP improvements have been made to improve the UI and UX in almost all pages.
	- The homepage slideshow has been improved. The new slideshow offers many unique features, such as; background-video, css3 transition with jQuery fallbacks, fully responsive, light-weight, powerful API, build slides by drag-n-drop via Joomla backend, YouTube and Vimeo support to add videos to slides and many more…
___________________________v1.2 (April 2015)___________________________
	- The exact problem with QuickStart package has been resolved.
	- Virtuemart is updated to VM2.6.16  (latest VM2.6.x version)
	- Joomla is updated to Joomla2.5.28  (latest J2.5.x version
	- All the Virtuemart related and Joomla Core related plugins are updated to latest versions
___________________________v1.1 (October 2014)___________________________
	- Not displaying reCaptcha on product details page has been fixed.
	- Not displaying reCaptcha on ask a question modal popup issue has been fixed.
	- Modal box on product details page is replaced with Fancybox, which gives better performance.
	- This update includes PHP modification on CATEGORY and PRODUCT PHP files.
___________________________v1.0 (June 2014)___________________________
	- Test Have been completed and Joomla Virtuemart Template - SportMart (Joomla+Virtuemart Template bundle) has been released.
	- Minimum requirement(s): 
	   - PHP 5.3.10+
	   - Joomla 2.5.xx
	   - Virtuemart 2.6.xx	
	- QuickStart package comes pre-installed:
	   - Joomla 2.5.20
	   - Virtuemart 2.6.6			

To install the latest version of SportMart to your existing SportMart website, follow these steps (with the same order):

1- Upgrade Joomla to J3.5.1 via Joomla Backend >> Components >> Joomla!Update
2- Upgrade Virtuemart to VM3.0.16 via Joomla Backend >> Extensions >> Manage >> Update
3- Upgrade Virtuemart AIO to VM AIO 3.0.16 via Joomla Backend >> Extensions >> Manage >> Update
4- Download latest version of SportMart from our server and UNZIP it.
5- Install One-by One >> pkg_sportmart.zip via Joomla Backend >> Extensions >> Manage >> Install

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