Virtuemart Theme FlexibleMart (for Virtuemart 1.1.9 only)

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This fully customized Virtuemart Theme will convert your Virtuemart into a visually fancy ecommerce website. Custom browse page, custom flypage, custom checkout steps pages, login pages and much more.

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LICENSE NOTICE: If you are a developer and planing to use this template in multiple websites (domains) you designed, you should purchase this template with +Unlimited Domains license to avoid domain restriction. We keep updating/upgrading the template once a new version of VM comes out, developers will also be able to get future updates/upgrades for free. This option can't be added later. Read template licensing for more information.



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Compatible with any combination of:
  • compat_15_native compat_16_native compat_17
  • virtuemart_1.1
1326287309_infoAre you looking for a template (theme) that works with Virtuemart 2 ? Check out our newly released Template for virtuemart_2.0

We producly present our new Virtuemart Theme (the way we call it; FlexibleMart). Our theme is changing your Virtuemart completely, your Virtuemart will be FlexibleMart after you apply our awesome theme. Let's take a look at our theme's awesome features;


4 Different Browse Page Designs!
FlexiMart Virtuemart Theme comes with 4 different Browse pages and lets you choose which one you like the most or fits your overal design the most. We are sure you will find a good one to use in your website. Or you can use all of them for different categories if you'd like. Click each thumbnail below to see live demo.




3 Different FlyPage Designs!
FlexiMart Virtuemart Theme comes with 3 different Browse pages and you can choose one which you like the most or fits your overal design the most. We are sure you will find a good one to use in your website. Or you can use all of them for different categories if you'd like. Cick each thumb to see live demo.



Zoom Effect Extension is Included!
Normally we are selling this awesome extension for $30, it is our best-selling extension. So we decided to built-in this extension to the theme since it is one of the most desired functions in Virtuemart.  It does not just zoom the main picture, but also lets buyer to switch other pictures as well (if there are some other pictures have been added).  Zoom window might appear either at the right hand side of main picture or "inside" the main picture.



Custom Shopping Cart and Checkout Steps Design!
You might find hundrads of Virtuemart theme around, but one thing you will never see is custom made shopping cart and checkout steps design. Default Virtuemart design uses very simple and looks 10 years old layout and design, so do other themes. But we have made those pages' designs and layout fancy. From now on your website looks unique and cooler. There are millions of websites using Virtuemart and almost all of them using same layout for checkout steps and shopping cart, don't you want to be unique? Our theme is for you. To see how cool it is; Browse our demo page, add some products to cart and go through to checkout processes. You are going to love it!



css3Make Custom Changes with Simple Touches!
You might want to change the color or font size of texts or you might want to change color of background of buttons or header bar. All you have to is dealing with theme.css which is located in theme folder. You can change anything from that file. Instead of using plain color for backgrounds of "buttons" and "header bars", We have used linear gradient feature which comes with CSS3. It is the next generation CSS technic. (Newly released layout uses this feature a lot!). Changing the gradient colors are as easy as changing the color code from theme.css. Lets assume you want to change the background of header bar from blue to red, see how easy it is;

Find this line in theme.css:
 h3.vmCategoryTitle { background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #97c1e8, #78afe1); }
And change it to this:
 h3.vmCategoryTitle { background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #ff0000, #aa0101); }
This will change the header bar color from headerbar1 to headerbar2. It is easy, isn't it?



international-ecommerceWe eliminate the boudaries, FlexibleMart is Global!
Language competitiveness is one of the biggest problem of combining Virtuemart with the 3rd party Themes. Theme developers usually don't take into account that their themes will be used in Non-English websites, and they put some english words around. But our theme don't include any constant english word in the frontend. It takes the words and sentences from Language Pack of Virtuemart. For example; if your Virtuemart is in Spanish (it means, spanish language pack is applied to your Virtuemart already), after you apply our theme, your Virtuemart will stay in Spanish. You won't see any English word anywhere. There are some images comes with theme, like; "add to cart" button, they won't be translated automatically of course, but you will get the PSD file for those image and you will be easily translate the texts of those image into your own language with using any version of Photoshop.



PDF Instruction Manual Comes with Theme, You should Read it first!
An Awesome instruction manual in PDF format is attached to theme ZIP, it is called TUTORIAL.PDF, please read first. Reading the tutorial will take 3 minutes, applying theme will take only 2 minutes. So within 5 minutes everything will be ready ;)


for Virtuemart 3

Google's Material Design has finally arrived to Virtuemart

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Fully responsive!

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