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TOPIC: Custom Colours

Custom Colours 3 years 7 months ago #15553

Hi I am really struggling to set this up on a number of fronts.

Firstly the zoom work fine. If I go into the back end of the plugin however the tabs show the main settings but for the other tabs, i click on them and the content does not change so I cannot access settings for the style and aesthetics for example.

My second problem is, I am following your video for the style/attributes picture changing, in this case colours. I get to the part in the video where you are selecting customer fields and you select 'cart variant' I cannot see this option and the closest I can see is multivariant.

However if I select this and go into the product to try and add the colour variants it does not let me do anything and the page looks nothing like the demo video (See attached)

help would be great thanks, happy to supply you with access to the back end if required

Thank you
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Custom Colours 3 years 7 months ago #15554

Ok I have worked out I now use strings (as the tutorial video is out of date)

The same problems remain though, being able to change the plugin settings


A new problem, i have followed the tutorial, put the code into the Displayed image subtitle fields and the images do not change when you select the the colour from the dropdown. is this because I am following an out of date video?

If you have not got time to look at this can you forward me some up to date documentation I can use?
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Custom Colours 3 years 7 months ago #15559


The naming has changed over the years on Virtuemart. But the functionality is still there though.

You should pick, String or Image as your custom field type, and use the "Image Alt-Text" field in the picture's description section to enter the custom-field's ID.

MultiVariant works based on "child-product" and it is much more complex than it looks. Beside, with child-product / main-product setup, no need to setup a attribute<->picture matching. Because child-product can have their individual product image, so the image will be swapped alreadt. But they are hard to setup though. You have to create child-product for every single attribute. String and Image type custom fields are much easier and efficient.

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