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TOPIC: Magnification Level

Magnification Level 3 years 11 months ago #15414

I may have missed it.... but how do you increase the default lens hover magnification level to the pop up window?

I tried reducing the "lens size" in settings but the lens square on the main image did not change/reduce to increase magnification level.

P.S. Mouse scroll wheel increases/decreases magnification level just fine in pop up image... I just want a greater magnification starting point

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Magnification Level 3 years 10 months ago #15433


I truly understand what you are asking. But since virtual magnification is distorting the pictures (pixelation); we don't really focus on magnifications. So, no, our ZoomEffect extension doesn't support setting a default magnification level. It starts with x1 and goes up as you scroll the wheel. By the way; i would recommend you not to use the magnification at all for a better UX.

Ideally; you should upload minimum of 900x900 resolution pictures and set thumbnail size around 300x300, so the zooming will be X3 without distorting or pixelating the pictures (or upload 1200x1200 pictures if your product page is suitable for 400x400 thumbnails. Keep the zooming level somewhere between X2 and X3 -- without magnification) -- the UX will be much better and your store will look more professional in that way.

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