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TOPIC: Sold Out Sticker

Sold Out Sticker 9 years 5 months ago #9497

I would like to purchase your template.

I was interested in the Sold out sticker that you have in one of your components.

I wanted to make sure that before I buy. Will I be able to see the Sold out sticker on
1. the Item Browsing page - www.designerswardrobe.com/women
2. the Manufacturer Items page? - www.designerswardrobe.com/anna-mora-brunella/manufacturer/anna-mora-brunella
3. Product details page - www.designerswardrobe.com/women/floral-silk-dress-detail

I have attached the URLs so that you can refer to which page I am trying to refer to when I ask.

Thanks and let me know.
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Sold Out Sticker 9 years 5 months ago #9500


I assume you are interested in our Virtuemart 2 template: CleanMart. It is really weird that you have created a topic in Virtuemart Modern Slider category. But i am guessing you were not familiar with our forum. That's fine.

DEMO: demo.flexiblewebdesign.com/cleanmart/
To buy: www.flexiblewebdesign.com/Virtuemart-2-Templates/CleanMart

If you take a close look at Live DEMO of CleanMart you will see that; if any product is out of stock, there are clear sold0out "Badges" or Labels

- Browse Page: demo.flexiblewebdesign.com/cleanmart/index.php/kid-s-clothing

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- Manufacturer page: demo.flexiblewebdesign.com/cleanmart/index.php/manufacturer/prada

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- Product Details page: demo.flexiblewebdesign.com/cleanmart/index.php/kid-s-clothing/sample-product-02-detail

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