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TOPIC: Checkout as Guest and other Issues

Checkout as Guest and other Issues 9 years 5 months ago #2585


I am using Vm 2.0.18 with the latest Flexible template as you had given me a few days ago.

My issues -

Even after disabling Checkout as Guest, the button still shows on the registration page that the user is taken to after he clicks on Check Out Now. I think it should not be here if I have disabled it in VM Configuration. Maybe you guys have overlooked it. Please tell me how to remove this button.

One more thing that I noticed is that if I do use Checkout as Guest then on that registration form why does the user need to enter his username and password?

Third issue is that there are no error messages being shown. Suppose that the user is already registered and he does not remember what email ID he had previously used. When he enters the same email ID that is already registered by VM, there is no error message to tell him that this email ID is already registered by us. The page just stays there with all details filled in leaving the visitor confused. I hope you get what I mean. Please try registering twice and you will know what I mean. There should be an error message.


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Checkout as Guest and other Issues 9 years 5 months ago #2601


Once you checked the "Only registered users can checkout" option in VM Configuration, then the "Checkout as Guest" button in the shopping cart should be gone.

When the "Checkout as Guest" button is clicked from shopping cart, there is no field for "username and password". I don't understand why you are saying. with "Checkout as Guest" option, buyer can finish the checkout without logged in. So the username and the password is not the case.

The error messages appeared by your joomla template.
Virtuemart and Joomla shares the same user manager system. So while people are trying to create an account through Virtuemart, they actually create an account in Joomla. So if there is an error prior to register, then the error message is shown by joomla. Not by Virtuemart, and of course not by our VM Template.

Make sure your joomla template layout PHP page (/templates/<yourjoomlatemplate>/index.php) has this line somewhere:

<jdoc:include type="message" />

Where ever this line is located in your joomla template, the system info/warning message regarding to anything will be printed in this section.

This line usually stays above this:
<jdoc:include type="component" />
(which where your joomla template print the "joomla articles". But your joomla temlate might use a different structure to show these. I can't be sure.

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