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TOPIC: Register And Checkout Pop Up Not Workin

Register And Checkout Pop Up Not Workin 8 years 9 months ago #8440

Hi the Register and Checkout and Checkout As Guest pop ups are not working on my site. when I click on either buttons, it breaks out into a full page.

Site is at www.organicbasic.com.sg/index.php/shop-online
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Register And Checkout Pop Up Not Workin 8 years 9 months ago #8454


These buttons:
- Register and Checkout
- Checkout as Guest

buttons open the next page with "Facebox" modal popup plugin (which is the official 3rd party modal popup plugin that works based on jQuery and it comes with Virtuemart: /components/com_virtuemart/assets/js/facebox.js)

These buttons:
- Select Shipping
- Select Payment

Those button run AJAX loading to load the shipping&payment methods, they are also prerequisite jQuery to run properly.

The reason why the jQuery based plugins don't work, is because you have 3 critical conflict problems in the shopping cart page, which breaks every thing that require jQuery.

Since our template (FashionMart) is not responsible for those conflict, we are not responsible to resolve them for you. You should resolve and eliminate the functions that create problem, from these files:


and eliminate this DOM event (it comes with your Joomla template):
window.addEvent('domready', function() {
	SqueezeBox.assign($$('a.modal'), {
		parse: 'rel'

Visit your website with Chrome or Firefox browser, open the "Inspect Element" panel to see the console errors, so you would better see what line exactly generate the conflict problems.

TIP: I am seeing you are loading jQuery1.8 through jQueryEasy plugin, but it is pretty new library to run Virtuemart and old Joomla Templates. (your joomla template seems old to me, but i might be wrong). Most of the Virtuemart/Joomla related extensions are developed to work with jQuery1.7 or older.

Try to:
  • Lower the jQuery version to jQuery1.7 or jQuery1.6 and see if things solved by itself
  • Eliminate the functions (from the JS files i have declared above) that doesn't work with jQuery1.8

This is all i can guide you on this. If you need any further support, you should purchase premium support and let us take care those problems for you:

More info about Premium Support :


If you like FashionMart and satisfied with the support you have received, please "write a review" on:

Rate FashionMart and write a couple of sentences to share your experience with our support team. It won't take more than 2 minutes from you but it is extremely important for us. Thanks in advance!

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