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TOPIC: [SOLVED] Add Quantity cart button background

[SOLVED] Add Quantity cart button background 10 years 3 months ago #56

hello, i bought your template for fashionmart few weaks ago and integrated it to my website (www.limit-wear.de)
The background icon in the cart for changing the quantity is not visible, instead there is only a white background...
I tried to change the flexibleVM2Global.css, no changing.. The remove button i can change without problems...:(((
Can you help me??

2. How can i change the zoom? I want that there is a "stronger zoom" to the pictures

Thank you

greeting from germany
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Add Quantity cart button background 10 years 3 months ago #63


I am seeing you have fixed your 1st problem by yourself.

About your 2nd question:
If you want to get a "stronger zoom" , then your product pictures must be "stronger" as well. If your large product pictures are 400x400 and thumbnails are 300x300, then the maximum zooming you get will be 400x400. Our zooming effect extension will give you the large product picture maximum. Because the zooming extension can't enlarge pictures virtually, This is technically not possible though. Even Adobe Photoshop can't do it without losing quality, try to zoom a picture in Photoshop, you will see it is not clear and sharp enough, right? Therefore, your large product pictures must be large enough (at least 900x900) to use the zooming effect "stronger" and "efficient"

Flexible Support Team.
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Add Quantity cart button background 10 years 3 months ago #67


thank you for your fast answer. Quite good system with the "zooming-effekt"

But unfortunaly i didn`t solve the first problem. As soon iam putting an article in the cart, you`ll see on the checkout form at the "change quantity of item" only a black background instead of your original "apply" button? I have really no idea, why it´s only this buttom, the "remove" button in working without problems...

One more questions: Is it possible, that the sliders for Payment and shipping will slide out automactilly or completly without jquery??
Thank you very much!!
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Add Quantity cart button background 10 years 3 months ago #92

I still couldn't test anything, because there are lots of jQuery conflict going on in your website. The product can't be added to cart. Retrieve your latest edits. What have you done recently? retrieve them, because there are some serious problems in your website now.

Your second question, is not possible. It is actually possible but wouldn't be user-friendly. Because both for "shipping method" and "payment method", the SAVE button must be clicked (for each of them), probably the shopper won't click the SAVE buttons for both of them. But if they click "Select shipping method" and they see the sliding window, they would see and click the SAVE button for sure for each of them.
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