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TOPIC: Template problem to be continued

Template problem to be continued 9 years 10 months ago #437

Hello again and thanks for Your support so far. It's really aprreciated.

Getting to the point.

The topic has been closed and locked so I'm gona copy and paste the discussion below.

Some time Ago I have posted the following:


aren't available for selection in product details template dropdown list.

What I want is shown on this page:


I'd like to have the other grid layout as default with product image on the left and the rest of descrpiton and prices on the right.

At the moment when I open the page I need to click the grid icon to change layout from the current with product in the middle which I don't like.

The solution I've got was:


It is a little bug. We have forgot it.

Please see the attached ZIP file, unzip it. And you will get flexv2list.xml file.

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File Name: flexv2list.xml.zip
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Upload it to here:

Then the flexv2list will start appearing in the Virtuemart Configuration as a "category browse page layout"
Also change the "default number in the row" number to 3 or 4, as this number only valid for "GRID" layout, in the LIST layout, it is set to 1 automatically.


I've done it
the file has been uploaded as you cen see here:


and no result. It's still not available for selection in administrator as attached screen shows (I've redboxed the configuration dropdown field).

It's not a super urgent but would be nice to know the reason why it happens.

Warmest Regards
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Template problem to be continued 9 years 10 months ago #438


Please choose "Use Joomla Default" for "Select the default template for your Shop" and "Category Template".


Which ever template folder you are using for your website, upload our VM template files to there.

If you did this already, then something must be wrong and Virtuemart can't grab the template files from /html/ folder (except default.php)

But you can do this;
Since you want to use flexv2list layout for category layout, and your website can't grab the flexv2list. You can change the file name of default.php to something else and flexv2list to default.php understand?

What i am saying is; Change this file name:


Then, the flexv2list will act as default.php and you will get what you want. Since your website gets only default.php from the /html/ folder.

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