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TOPIC: Enlarge Thumpnaill

Enlarge Thumpnaill 9 years 6 days ago #1410


I bought the Virtuemart 1.1.x Theme FlexibleMart. I use VirtueMart 1.1.9 and Joomla 1.5.26. For the detailpage, I activate the flxible_FlypageV2! The problem is, if I activate a thumpnaill (small picture) it was shown in the zoomarea, but if I click on the magnifying glass to enlarge the picture, it was shown only the first picture but not the second or third picture. Can you solve this problem? I hope you understand my problem?

Best regards,
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Enlarge Thumpnaill 9 years 6 days ago #1415

Yes, i understood the problem, please visit our DEMO where the "flxible_FlypageV2" is used and there are some couple pictures are added:


Click to any other picture rather than principle image, and then click the "magnify" icon, you will see that it enlarges the parent picture only. Which means, this is not a bug that it behaves like that in your website. This is actually how our VM theme was developed.

This would have been achieved with a little jQuery path actually (basically clicking the thumbnail would update the lightbox's destination URL to that new thumbnail's parent picture) but since VM1.1.xx theme has become old-fashion, (we are more focusing on our VM2 templates), we have stopped updating the VM1.1.xx theme.

If you think this will create confusion to your visitors, you can simply hide this magnify icon with this CSS rule below:

.clickzoom {

(you can add this CSS rule to any CSS file that is loaded in your website)

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Enlarge Thumpnaill 9 years 5 days ago #1427

Thank you for your answer! Yes, I have see on your website that is not a bug, but I need that extension urgently. So my question is, can you develop me this extension vor the VM 1.1.xx Theme, I pay well for it?! I find the magnify icon is very good, so it would be great if they could develop the extansion?

Best regards,
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Enlarge Thumpnaill 9 years 4 days ago #1440


Unfortunately it is not possible these days, we are extremely occupied with our current works and projects, we kindly refuse any more custom modification request (even though you have said, you are going to pay for it).

(Personally I) barely find time to take a look at the forum and answer support questions. Because you know; Fixing problems is a different thing; if there is a bug or issue, we have no right to say "we are busy".

But what you are asking would have also improved our VM Template, so i am writing it down under "to do" list. In the next revision you request will definitely be taken into account and you will get what you are asking for free (of course you would have purchased the extension with "free updates" option to receive updates for free), but i can't give you any estimate about when the next version will be available. As i said before; since VM1.1.9 has become very old fashion now a days, we have stopped working on it. God knows when it will be updated.

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