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NOT UPDATED? 7 years 11 months ago #13190

You says that you updated this template in December 2014 and we have nothing...

Please can you says whe we can to update?

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NOT UPDATED? 7 years 11 months ago #13198


Things didn't go as expected since last year through out the company. We had to focus on some other projects instead of those updates. But we didn't abandon the VM3+j3 updates. All of our templates will be sooner or later be updated.

CleanMart and LightMart has already been updated. Almost all of our extensions have been updated for vm3+j3.x. SportMart, StyleMart and Asymmetric updates are coming, but there is no ETA about CoolMart.

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NOT UPDATED? 7 years 11 months ago #13204


When you update coolmart next month? next year? ...i need to know NOW?

I do multiple web with coolmart and now i need update to joomla 3 you says in december 2014 the update is but in november 2015 nothing. If you later update coolmart i I will continue developing with coolmart but will not have to change suppliers of templates not have upgrade support, and i have to change all webs with coolmart to other template

Please i need that you says to me when can i know aproximately when you have the update .i need to know the solution

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NOT UPDATED? 7 years 10 months ago #13216

We do have other templates that support VM3+J3.x, such as: LightMart and CleanMart. Updates for SportMart and StyleMart are coming in 2 weeks.

Not very people are using CoolMart, so it is demand <-> supply. CoolMart does not have the top priority right now, unfortunately. It will be one the last ones that is going to be updated. I am not saying "never", i am saying i don't know yet, we are focusing other templates for now. I can't give you ETA, right now because this depends on the time-schedule, we have to stick with it. For instance, I am spending time here replying your message and trying to convince you; instead of working on testing the SportMart for VM3, which must be released in 1 week according to our schedule. If we can't release the new version for SportMart, we can't work on other templates, right?

Let me remind you something, "free update" subscription comes with 6-months. So, high likely your free update subscriptions have expired for CoolMart, and you need to pay the "upgrade" fee when is available. Furthermore, the "upgrade" won't be smooth, because "MANY" things have changed between J2.5 -> J3.x and VM2.5 - > VM3.x, you will have to start from scratch for each website that you want to upgrade. This is not because of CoolMart, this is because of the nature of Joomla -- there are migration tools for upgrading, but they don't work as expected in Virtuemart+Joomla websites. So, i would recommend you to take a look at our SportMart, StyleMart, LightMart or CleanMart.

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NOT UPDATED? 7 years 10 months ago #13272

Dear support.

- Not it is a money problem. I paid to you next version.
- I have 10 webs with coolmart. I need your update on the future.
- You says that you update to joomla 3 on December 2014 and i developer with coolmart more webs waiting the update one year. If you not says this on december 2014 and you says that don´t update coolmart i don´t developer with coolmart never and i don´t have the problem that i has now. I need your update because my clients want update coolmart and i can´t. Do you undernstand to me?
- When i buy coolmart i don´t know how many people buy the same template.I think we need to treat all customers equally.
- I don´t undernstand to you when you says to me that if you updates coolmart i want to start all my webs. Why?. I don´t undernstand to you...A client with lightmart 2.5 have the same problem? has to start all webs with lightmart 2.5 to update joomla 3? or only coolmart?

IF i bought to you lightmart not have to start all my webs. is it possible update with lighmart 3.0

Sorry for my english and i wait that you understand to me.
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NOT UPDATED? 7 years 10 months ago #13282


the date you see in the Joomla Backend: Support for Joomla2.5 has ended on December 2014 is printed there by the Joomla Team (joomla.org), we didn't type that message there. Joomla Team no longer provide support (new versions) for Joomla2.5.xx ... That message doesn't mean Joomla2.5.xx will stop working at some point, it just says; it is good to move on to Joomla3.x as soon as possible.

Please don't accuse us about the hustle of upgrading that i mentioned to you. It is not because of us. It is because of the nature of the Joomla and Virtuemart. Because really, many things have changed. Updating the Template is as easy as installing the ZIP file from Template Manager via Joomla Backend, but this is not the case for Core Joomla and Core Virtuemart. The "Migration" is necessary in most cases, and it is a very tough process.

Especially if you have used "custom-fields" for products, or used some 3rd party VM plugins or have some inappropriate ways of displaying VM pictures. (for example; after upgrading to VM2.x to VM3.x, all the product pictures might show X symbol, and you might need to go over each product one-by one to make sure product pictures and thumbnails are displayed correctly. AND THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR TEMPLATE.

Joomla, Virtuemart and Template, those 3 are completely different things, and all of them have to be upgraded separately one-by one.

Update from VM2.x to VM3.x and from Joomla2.5 to Joomla3.x is a pain in the ass. Are you ready to do it? This is what i have been telling you. I didn't talk about our templates particularly. I talked "in general"

I must say; We have never promised to release new version for all of our templates (we might stop providing support for some of our templates, especially if they are not so popular) we reserve that right. Just like how Joomla Team have stopped providing support for Joomla2.5 or just like how Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows XP and they will do the same for Windows 7 in the near future even though millions of people have paid for it and they are still using it ..etc.. But i am not saying it.

I am saying CoolMart will have a new version to support VM3.x + Joomla3.4.5, we haven't abandoned the CoolMart. I am just saying, there is no ETA (yet), there are 3 templates that we need to focus on these days, after we take care them, we will start working on CoolMart.

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