Virtuemart 2 Template

Virtuemart 2 Templates

CleanMart is a responsive Virtuemart 2 Template (theme) and can be integrated to any joomla template. It comes with lots of awesome features and multiple page layouts. Of course! It is easy to customize.

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Virtuemart 2 Template PureMart comes free with lots of unique extensions/features: Dropdown Shopping Cart, MultiGrid/ListView Switching, Quick look, Advanced zooming effect, AJAX-Powered one page checkout, and more.

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FashionMart is a template for Virtuemart 2.6 !! Virtuemart 2 Template comes with lots of unique features: QUICK BUY, Zoom Effect, Virtuemart One Page Checkout Module (AJAX), Multiple Category Browse and Product Detail Pages and more.

SKU #FLEX-00008

Supports Virtuemart 2.0.26. Virtuemart 2 Template is finally OUT!!. Several weeks after Virtuemart 2.0 was released, Flexible Web Design has finally finished developing template for VM2.0. Check it out!

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This fully customized Virtuemart Theme will convert your Virtuemart into a visually fancy ecommerce website. Custom browse page, custom flypage, custom checkout steps pages, login pages and much more.

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Joomla Virtuemart Template

Has just released. Lots of unique features, check out!

Joomla Virtumart Template - SportMart

Fully responsive!

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